Thursday, March 13, 2008

Khare declares himself as the "natural" sycophant

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Sonia Gandhi’s decade as Congress mascot
The very Nehruvian secular state she had undertaken to rescue from the communalists was back in their grip. The bogus deshbhakts were back with a bang, and the Congressmen were staring at a long, bleak political winter.

The qualifying adjectives are mind-numbing. A secular state is Nehruvian and a Nehruvian state is secular. Anyone opposing the Nehruvian state is a communalist. Only the Congressmen are patriotic nationalists (patriots is reserved for americans). The rest of us mortals are anti-nationalists.
The Congress is constantly distracted from its obligations as the natural party of governance.

Sycophancy cannot get any better than this. Why all the elections and all this talk of democracy. Only the Congress Nehru dynasty has the right to rule this country. And this country belongs to Congressmen. All others are anti-nationalists.
After 10 years at the helm, Ms Gandhi remains a prisoner of her own image as a benevolent patriarch, always willing to accommodate and reward the bogus sycophant and family loyalists.

Khare is clearly thinking he is the "natural sycophant" and the rest all are bogus.
Ms Gandhi needs to summon from within the sagacity and foresight to put slowly in place an exit strategy.

As the "natural sycophant", he wants Ms Gandhi to be thrown out. So "natural", isn't it.


Anonymous said...

Khare gets away with so much crap.

Va said...

its really sad that khare's loyalties aren't being rewarded... atleast for the time being.. two RS seats fell vacant in TN and Khare is not among the Congress nominees.. Mr Khare must now continue his "service" to madam maino and the poor readers must cringe with embarassment for some more time