Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chindu's gospel on the recent Tibet incidents

Finally Moses(N.Ram) has returned from the mountain after his heartfelt discussion with his God(Communist mandarins of China) and give the ill informed readers of Chindu his gospel on Tibet.
The Gospel of N.Ram on Tibet can be read here in its entirety
The 10 commandments are listed here,
1. The Tibetian uprising is a fiction cooked up by Hollywood, Tibetian supporters and ignorant media. This wrong information been publicized by Youtube and TV channels.
If you go by western media reports, the propaganda of the so-called ‘Tibetan government-in-exile’ in Dharamsala and the votaries of the ‘Free Tibet’ cause, or by the fulminations of Nancy Pelosi and the Hollywood glitterati, Tibet is in the throes of a mass democratic uprising against Han Chinese communist rule.

2. But Ram (from his perch in Anna Salai based on his phone calls with compadres in Beijing) confirmed that the militant monks, not Chinese soldiers were responsible for 22 deaths(source:Xinhua)
3. Tibetian rebels were responsible for the brutal assault on civilians, but the Chinese army was a passive observer.
4. The Chinese Government action should have been praised for smothering the protests.
5. Any large country cannot afford to be silent to savagery of public order. (But he would not say the same if it happens in India like say Gujarat or Maharashtra because they are not in China?)
As evidence accumulates, the realisation dawns that it is too much to expect any legitimate government of a major country to turn the other cheek to such savagery and breakdown of public order.

5. Chinese govt. has been holding discussions with the Dalai Lama who does not accept any logical solution offered by China.
6. Tibet is on a path of high growth rate. (But does not address for whom, indigenous Tibetians or Han settlers?)
7. The Dalai Lama is ignorant for asking maximum autonomy. (That would only be given to Honk Kong, Taiwan etc. not to a country China occupied by attacking and occupying.)
The Chinese government points out that this is applicable only to Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, and that the kind of autonomy that the Dalai Lama demanded in November 2005 cannot possibly be accommodated within the Chinese Constitution.

8. The Chinese government will not give an autonomous territory simply because, it cause ethnic re-engineering and other problems.
doing ethnic re-engineering, if not ‘cleansing’, and causing enormous disruption and damage to China’s society and political system.

9. While the insolent Indians have made statements which appear to toe the US line, the magnanimous Commies have decided to overlook that in term of their long term friendship or until the next time they invade us.
10. India should punish any Tibetian for voicing his/her opinion against China as its a bilateral agreement as confirmed by Pranab Mukherjee.
(Then should China not arrest Pallavi Aiyar and Harish Khare for making statements against India?)


Pilid said...

This Hindu editorial today is a classic in sycophancy aka chamchagiri. It details the recent violence and claims that western press accounts are one-sided because 'As evidence accumulates, the realisation dawns that it is too much to expect any legitimate government of a major country to turn the other cheek to such savagery and breakdown of public order'. The general line of reasoning seems to be that this is no Tibetan autonomous uprising but one orchestrated by the Dalai Lama in India though that is not so explicitly stated.The truth is that no one in the west has said that violence ought to be tolerated. What everyone is talking about is why the violence happened in the first place and how to resolve the issues underlying it. Did the Dalai Lama tell the Tibetans to cause mayhem? Is that how it began? False again. The issue began when monks who expressed open admiration and support of the Dalai Lama when he received the Congressional Medal of Honor were immediately arrested and incarcerated. When other monks came out seeking their release, ordinary people came forward to join them and the angry burst out in the streets. Has the Dalai Lama ever spoken out even in favor of violence? Unless Ram is smoking something very strong, he ought to be aware of the answer to that. It is however true that he has spoken out against Chinese government policies which brings us to the second issue.

The editorial gives several reasons why the Dalai Lama's demands cannot be conceded. (1) Chinese constitution forbids it. Well, is this a religious document that signifies the word of God? Constitutions are written by men for other men and are all mutable. Moreover, did the Tibetans have any say in writing or ratifying it? Were they even consulted about its provisions? By the same argument, would the Hindu suggest that we refuse to negotiate with insurgent groups because the outcome of those talks might require the government to amend our constitution to incorporate the commitments undertaken by the government therein? (2) Tibetan autonomous region has only 40% Tibetans and the rest is populated by other ethnic groups. First of all, many Tibetans have been suspicious of this administrative arrangement precisely because it was seen as being done to dilute the Tibetan majority. So, in addition to the Constitution, even adminitstrative changes are now beyond the scope of negotiations? For argument's sake, if this demand cannot be conceded, is the Chinese government willing to give the Tibetans a voice in governing their own province? Why does the Hindu not acknowledge that all the government services in Tibet are dominated by Han chinese and the local people have little say or control over their own affairs? Apparently all this cannot be done because, in its words, it would involve 'ethnic re-engineering, if not ‘cleansing’, and [cause] enormous disruption and damage to China’s society and political system.' Why should an administrative change involve ethnic re-engineering especially given that the Dalai Lama is not seeking independence but autonomy? And by arguing in favor retaining the Chinese political system without changes, is the Hindu really implying that it would prefer a tyranny denying ethnic minorities a say in their own affairs to a democracy? By indicating that the 'demand is ruled out', the Hindu is virtually indicating that there is nothing left to negotiate. So is the Hindu similarly willing to say no to autonomy in Kashmir and the Naga regions of Mizoram?

Ram claims that the failure to accord international recognition to the Tibetan government suggests that 'This situation certainly presents a contrast to the lack of an international consensus on the legal status of Kashmir'. No government has actually recognized Kashmir as a sovereign entity despite a significant part of the separatist movement seeking it. Yes, governments urge India and Pakistan to arrive at a negotiated settlement on this question but how is that different from asking China to negotiate with the Dalai Lama to resolve the Tibetan question? In both cases, there are those willing to live with less than independence. Both have their supporters in foreign governments. And if you include China's supporters, there is no international consensus in either case. So what exactly is the contrast that Ram is talking about?

Then he goes on to list the economic achievements of the Chinese government in China. Outside observers testify to this as well but indicate an important point that he fails to mention - increased economic activity has not benefited the Tibetan natives as much as it has increased immigration and also led to advancements in immigrant well-being in those provinces. Discriminated and disempowered, there were powerful economic reasons that contributed to this outbreak of violence. Ram who is so willing to sympathize with naxalite grievances on land reform and the Kashmiri insurgents' grievances on the Delhi government's perfidy is obviously more than willing to turn a deaf ear to this legitimate concern of the Tibetan people. Why so?

Lastly, he wants the Indian government to rein in the Dalai Lama. Rarely does one find a more brazen suggestion to curtail the freedom of a peace loving and godly man to please a foreign government. Ram obviously believes that freedom is only for himself and those who believe in his agenda and it is fair game to throw those who struggle against his favorite tyrants, those who oppose his buddies in government. Ram is not only positively intolerant of political freedom but has no idea or understanding of what it means for someone to have to spend their entire lives in exile and frustration longing for that day to come when they can speak freely fro their hearts. I now regret that Jayalalita did not succeed in imprisoning the fellow - if nothing else, he would have hopefully learned to appreciate that ideal better.

Ram's arguments have long gone uncontested. It is now time for people to stand up and confront his claims.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, guys! This blog has become so compelling of late. Great entertainment!

Anonymous said...

Can someone put N.Ram in an asylum?
He's insane and should be committed.

Rama Rama said...

If india and China were to go to war all these commies would undoubtedly support china.The commies are traitors and should be shown their place in India.Honestly can some one explain , as to why these oxymoron's in india toe what the masters say in china ?? Why are they so attached to China.Do they also get secret funding from the dictators.

Anonymous said...

In fact, our commies did support when China invaded India in 1962. The CPI declared that India was the agressor and advised Nehru to negotiate with China. Gulzarilal Nanda (then Union Home Minister, I believe) put the top commie leaders behind bars. A few years later, the CPI split, not due to any big ideological reason, but on the question of to whom should the party be faithful-China or Soviet Union?!

Comrade Khuruschev told Nehru that while India might be their friend, China was their brother and hence their support to Mao. Poor Nehru, he had to swallow not only China's betrayal, but also Russia's insult and died a heart broken man two years later.

Given this history of treason and betrayal, it is somewhat difficult to accept that the commies stand as a bullwark against secessionist tendencies in our country.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the communists should be jailed for treason as should newspaper editors like Ram.

Anonymous said...

Ram needs a taste of the medicine that is fed to journalists in China and Cuba. Regret that Amma could not have him in police custody for atleast 2 days(he managed to hide and pulled the right strings in Supreme court)!!

Anonymous said...

Heard this one on another forum:

"The Hindu is synonymous with CPIM. Chinese Paper In Madras."

Anonymous said...

I am seriously wondering: What does N Ram think about The Hindu readers -- does he think all are fools not to know anything about Tibet and China ?! I am ashamed to be a reader of this newspaper.

Aren't there a single person in The Hindu newspaper management who can stand up and say N Ram to stop writing bullshit ?!

Thyagarajan said...

When I read the editoral today, for a fleeting moment, I got a feeling that I was reading a handout given by the Attache to the Chinese Foriegn Ministry or the Ambasssdor of China in India making his daily brief to the media. It left me with an impression that Chindu editor was too lazy to think on editorial matters and given his heavy reliance/ leaning on China, had just simply copied/ pasted the Chinese briefing. Or else this is worst form of sychophancy where they are trying to defend their masters more effectively than can be defended. There are a lot of naked lies, not unlike the editor own sermons about the western media. In the process the Editor had the gall to preach India on how it should grovel before its Chinese counterparts- not withstanding their grandstanding on Arunachal pradesh (on which issue, their paper was prevaricating) nor about the Chinese' nefarious designs in covertly helping Pakisthan in achieving military and Nuclear capability (merely to keep India under perpetual check on the border issue). A most unpleasant and undignified editorial I have read in a long time.


Anonymous said...

Here is some interesting stuff from The Economic Times (Tuesday, 25 March, 2008), in the THROUGH THE THIRD EYE column:

Hu's Indian Children

Embedded journalism has now acquired definite subcontinental connotations. A clutch of senior Indian journalists has been flown to Lasha by the Chinese to report their side of the story in the teeth of "lies" being pedalled by the western media. One of the members of the delegation is the editor of a mainline daily, which published reports of how Tibet was calm even as the national and international media were agog with news of unbridled Chinese atrocities in the 'autonomous' plateau. And this junket is not a one-time affair. Such Chinese-sponsored tourism of Tibet, especially by the editor in question, has apparently become an annual ritual. What next? A Sunday supplement cover on how Tibet booms under China?


Any prize for guessing "the member of the delegation who is the editor of a mainline daily"?!

Being an out and out capitalist paper, no wonder ET takes sweet revenge on embeddd commie journalists.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding braggart, may I add that I knew letters on tiber will be published when the bhadrakumar article appeared in chindu a few days ago. Note that no letters were published up until that time and all the published letters supported the article.
Similarly, letters have been published today about the "editorial" of ha-ram. The "unbiased", "objective" analysis will find supporters again (sometimes I wonder whether chindu publishes letters written by it's own staff)!

Economic times rightly called chindu as "embedded journalsim"....

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for your comments. I hate to say it but unfortunately your powers of predicting are good.
Do you see in the future when the chindu will recover?

Anonymous said...

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