Monday, March 03, 2008

Indians cannot sledge; Australians can

To be fair, Chindu has been consistent in opposing Indian interests. It supports Australian sledging but thinks Indian sledging brings disrespect to the game. Even-handed justice, communist style. Chindu would like to propagate through its paper the inferiority complex and eternal slavery mindset of Indians.

The Hindu : Sport : Things going from bad to worse
The Indians seem to feel that to play aggressively one has to have an aggressive mindset and though this may have improved performance marginally, in the long run, one very vital aspect of the game — the spirit —will suffer. To some extent, it already has.

To Australians, sledging is their birthright.

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Anonymous said...

"To Australians, sledging is their birthright. They ensured the mental disintegration of the opponent with sledging. Now with the Code of Conduct and the Match Referees, with camera and stump microphones, on-field behaviour ought to have been controlled."

Wow, apparently there's no sledging in international cricket until the angry, racist, cheap Indian cricketers introduced it.
The writer should start kissing the White man's ....