Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rogues of a feather flock together

Its that time of the year when the appetizer(CPI's junket) is over and the main course the CPI-M's Congress is commencing. This time is like the Oscars, Olympics and World Cup all rolled into one for Chindu.
You can see Chindu planning the schedule, buffet layout and sound bytes of an politically irrelevant organization.
The article is written here,
Some of the senior citizens like Surjeet and Jyoti Basu are put out to pasture this time.
Apparently they have some sort of election,
The delegates were those who were duly elected to various units of the CPI (M), unlike the practice of other parties which nominated delegates to their meets.

The most hilarious is this statement,
Twenty-six fraternal organisations from 24 countries would attend.

We in the Chindu will keep you updated on the antics from Coimbatore.


Anonymous said...

"The delegates were those who were duly elected to various units of the CPI (M), unlike the practice of other parties which nominated delegates to their meets." So, we are informed that CPI(M) is more democratic than other parties.

Democracy implies the presence of both ruling and opposition parties governed by periodic elections. However, in commie-ruled countries we have never heard of any other party except the ruling party which is that of the so-called "proletariat". Which means commie-ruled countries (includes Chindu's favourite, China) are not only not democratic, but really anti-democratic.

Pilid said...

If internal party elections were so free and fair, why is it that we keep seeing the same old fossils year after year? Why has no one ever heard of an upset victory in a CPM election?

Dirt Digger said...

Brilliant analysis on the validity of communism in a democratic state.
To take it a point further the so called democratic elections of the CPM has about as much real as Saddam Hussein's free and fair Iraq elections.

Dirt Digger said...

The reason is the CPM is a party of goons. There are 2 types the idealogues like Karat, Basu, Yechury etc. and the thugs like Biman Bose, V.S. Achuthanandan etc.
The story of how WB is a shining example is in reality a horror story of how a great state was reduced to miserable condition, its people cowering in fear from the communist goons, the economy in shambles.
The King is dead, long live the king.

Pilid said...

Absolutely true dirt digger. My questions were rhetorical. The CPM's contribution to Bengal ended with land reform. Now, as a bengali friend of mine said, they are busy sucking the state dry.

Anonymous said...


I saw this comment by a Bengali on rediff discussion board.

RE:How this is possible
by SAIKAT PURAKAIT on Mar 16, 2007 03:35 AM

Please check it.

He goes on to describe the taste of democracy in WB.

It is interesting and looks to be true.


Anonymous said...

Here you go, quoted verbatim from rediff.
RE:How this is possible
by SAIKAT PURAKAIT on Mar 16, 2007 03:35 AM

hi , this is areply in response to your query. I donot know in which part of india you belong but i am definite that u could practice your democratic right by giving votes but in bengal people can\'t before the recent asssembly election . the more remote areas the more percent of voting. why this ? the statistics say that . this is becoz the media can\'t reach this areas to see how the voting occurs. as an intelligent u could easily assume what happens . the next is that the ruling party with the help of police and administration they make booth management which you could not beleive the extent of it unless u experience it.for instance when a person goes to voting machine a person from the communist party stands beside the evm machine . the rest is easily understood . another ex - they spray scent on a particular button and when a person comes out of the booth his fingers are being smelled and those whodidnot pass the test will be tortured . donot speak of police , they are recruited by party leaders of the communist party and 95 percent of them are cadres of the com party.The recent firing of nandi gram is the example becoz the person who proves that he has oppressed the opposition more severely the more he gets his promotion . (the person resposible for this operation ie the police personel is himself caught for availing a free first class pass by the CRPF and the case is still on the court , so he will try to prove his loyality more than any other person).the night before the voting day they pick up the opposition leaders and their supporters so that no body can sit in the booth camp . the thing is that they do everything related every particular booth and for every booth they prepare a fool proof strategy. insspite of knowing every thing u r helpless, becoz the DM .police super and every administrative personnel have their knots tied to the head quarters of com party . u can\'t get a promotion without their nod.
in the recent election the election commmision took some steps regarding booth capturing and bogus voting.KG RAO went to one of the district , nadia here he deleted 3 lakh names in a span of 14 days . as he was extension with cen govt and the central govt was in support of com party so the central govt did not issue the extension to him . as result this process of bogus voting received halt. on the voting daythe paramilitary forces was supposed to marched in the areas but the officer in charge of local police staion kept them in sitting in the thana.previously this happened , but htis time they kept moving but the main thing this time was the high tech rigging . which means that the evm machine was prgrammed to the wishes of the com party . as the machine can be programmeable easily those who are computer expert can easily do this and before going to the respective places they were in charge of the personnel belonging to coordination committee - a organisation of govt officers affiliated to com party . ihope u colud easily understand what was the fate of the machine before the voting took place.these coordination people are the strongest organisation of com party and they stay in writer\'s and district head quaters and the main reason for degrading the work culture of the state.There r diferent forms of booth mgmt like they would consider the people living in that areas, if it muslim they would play a diiferent game . if itis aapartment area they play another different game like locking the main gate of the apartment . but this time as there were many people above eighty years old who gave their first votebut all in vain becoz the evm amchine were preprogrammed ,A powerful woman of india is going to implement this in the coming UP Assembly elections n i wont be surprised either congress or SP party comes in ovwerwhelming majorityjust as like bush did in his presdential elections.thecom leaders follow the goebless theory which states that if 10 persons speaks a wrong the worng appear to be true. like the one they r speaking of nandi gram singur,dankuni, bhangar. i just gave only a tip of the iceberg, perhaps a epic can be written on the stratigies.Inspite of the high tech rigging they could not achieve 50%of the voters . this is due to the fact that they just calculate only to win so that high margin figures could get the unwanted attention of others. the election commision was aware of this becoz when the high court asked to produce the results they could not do telling the memory hasbeen erased which could not be possible unless itis being programmed in a different manner other that the one being done by elec commmision. several scientists from jadavpur and different technical colleges has demonstrated this particular
if u know bengali pls read bartaman patrika or the statesman in english kolkata edition.

Anonymous said...

The process has started ... today's paper has an entire page devoted to cpi and it's useless partners!
God save India from these communists!