Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Palestine issue is India’s internal issue :Karat

Its festival time for CPIM (Chinese Paper in Madras as one reader so aptly termed) as the CPI(M) is conducting its congress in this rag's home state. The paper is brimming with left lunatics' views on every topic under the sun without bothering much about the relevance. But the big mouthed lunatics ought to have been careful while blurting. Speaking in the meet, chief lunatic Karat commented on the Palestine issue.

Mr. Karat also criticised U.S. protection to Israel that had resorted to a "brutal occupation" of Gaza. Terming it a colonial land grab, he said the CPI (M) expressed solidarity with the people of Palestine

The same CPI(M) that sealed its mouth tight when asked to comment on Chinese crackdown in Tibet and evaded a response by comfortably hiding behind the "we-do-not-comment-on-internal-affairs-of-other-countries" policy is now breathing fire against US and  Israel Since when did Palestine become Indian territory Mr Karat?


Anonymous said...

Excellent expose on Karat's double speak. Too bad that our news channels do not grill our leaders on double speak. Crazy Karat will speak any BS just to satisfy his core electorate, i.e. commies and minority.

Praada said...

you forgot to put a stamp on this line

"Call to neighbouring countries to join the Left in fighting “imperialist penetration”"

Left means to say "Neighbouring countries can penetrate India".

Dirt Digger said...

Good god, Karat is simply amazing. He reminds me of a person who has multiple personality syndrome.
Chindu of course will not have a logic checker (a requirement for newspapers) to ensure that whats being published makes sense.
"Colonial land grab", wow at least the state of Israel was created after a UN approval. Tibet was simply swallowed by China and no country dared complain, because the Tibetians unlike Jews or Muslims have money or numbers and are generally peace loving.
Continue kicking the innocent when they are down, Karat, and you will get yours.