Friday, April 18, 2008

Chindu dare not offend Congress

thanks to the alert reader for pointing it out.

The Congressman crushed by BSP is faceless whereas the other two are easily identifiable. Any failure by Congress is blamed on the party but any success automatically goes to the Dynasty. This is the Congress dictum, dutifully followed by the ace sycophant newspaper.

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Dirt Digger said...

Of course they would be happy to print the same with Karat in stead of Mayawati, if the CPM would win a seat in WB.

Anonymous said...

As per the cartoon logic of depicting the parties, the chief of the party is represented as crushed. Hence, it can not be a Congress"man". But, Chindu dare not show the Congress"woman's" face (i.e Mataji Superior's face).

Anonymous said...

It just shows regional leaders of the party. It didn't hv advani/vajpayee!

Anonymous said...

It looks like the cartoon depicts, Mr. Rajnath Singh (President of BJP) and Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav (chief of SP). Neither Advani nor Vajpayee is the chief of BJP, but Sonia-ji is the chief of Congress party.

DA said...

Dear friends,

Given our diversity,sonia heads an organisation which had a national perspective.BJP has a long way to go.