Monday, April 07, 2008

Christist petition details

The SLP about Kandhamal riots contains allegations. But Chindu avoids using its famous "quotation marks". The word "alleged" is dropped at the earliest possible instance. The petition details are elaborated. Overall, Chindu tries to give the impression that the SLP is the word of god. Another aspect is that, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the violence was more due to political reasons related to reservations rather than religious conflicts. Chindu obviously tries to project it as a communal riot against Christists. Suits its agenda better.

The Hindu : National : Order against church relief to Orissa riot victims stayed
The SLP alleged that on December 24, 2007, communal organisations brutally attacked Christians, destroyed 68 churches and 500 houses and looted property. Six persons were killed hundreds of families fled fearing attack. But the approach of the State administration and the police indicated that the communal organisations had the State support, the petition said.

Most of those who had attacked the Churches and Christians were yet to be arrested and those arrested on flimsy charges were released on bail.

The government was silent on providing relief and rehabilitation to the riot victims. In a few cases, the government paid a maximum relief of Rs. 10,000 to a family. When the petitioner sought to reconstruct the churches and houses, he was prevented from doing so, the SLP said.

The Collector passed an order that no religious or non-governmental organisation should undertake relief work. The High Court rejected a petition assailing this order. The SLP said the High Court failed to realise that it was of paramount urgency that relief reached the victims immediately.


Dirt Digger said...

HF, The way the facts are presented are amazing. You are on target when you say that SLP is the ultimate word. Hello Chindu, there's something called due process to investigate the claims. Even I can claim in an SLP that Chindu in Anna Salai is populated by terrorists(which is debatable) but that doesn't make it true.
Even if those people were attacked and people fled, should there not be an investigation to identify the people who fled? How can you dole out money without identifying the victims?
Chindu please show some logic.

Praada said...

This is an attempt to get aid from Church to do more conversions in the name of rehabilitation.