Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How do you think Chindu would report this news?

thanks to satish for the links
** China 'now top carbon polluter' **
China has already overtaken the US as the world's biggest polluter, according to a new report by US scientists.

** China 'gold medal' for executions **
China put to death at least 470 people last year but may have killed up to 8,000, Amnesty International says.

Here is my take:

China overtakes US
According to a news report by US scientists, China has overtaken US as the top producer of carbon. Speaking to Xinhua, the Chinese Premier has attributed to this to the growing economic power of China. He said that Chinese economy will continue to grow at over 10% for the next decade.
In another report, Amnesty International praised China for its organ harvesting policies. The report says that atleast 470 people visiting the gulags have volunteered to donate their organs but the numbers could be as high as 8000.

This will be followed up by an editorial by Yuan Ram on how India must emulate China.

All Hail China!


Dirt Digger said...

Good one HF.
You might want to email that to N.Ram and see his reaction.
I'd expect him to rant on how the capitalist forces did not show responsibility for their pollution and now want to cook up evidence against China.
Amnesty is another group, which secularists quote selectively. They would quote it when certain minorities are killed, but when people of the majority communities are killed the response is blank silence.
The life of a majority community individual is not equal to a life of a minority community person.
Sad but true.
BTW do you think that a person visiting the gulag would be happy to 'voluntarily donate' their organs? :)

Bhushan said...

Dear Cbcnn,
I didn't find your e-mail address to send this link, so I am writing it as a comment.
There's a report that 'The Hindu's publishers are trying to sell a minority stake to Fairfax media, see
Shoudln't it have been the Xinuha or the Chinese Sovereign Wealth Fund?

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for the update.
That is indeed a very interesting development. Fairfax is an Australian media conglomerate and probably trying to get its foothold into the indian media after the Govt. changed the regulation to allow foreign investment upto 26%.
Now the logic behind this could be that with the key members of the Kasturi family i.e.Ram/Murali/Ravi growing old in the tooth, they might be trying to get their golden parachute while trying to maintain a facade of control.
The catch though is that, the Australian investors would likely want changes in the management, editorial sections and operations, to compete with TOI and DC.
If this deal does go through, it might usher in a radical change.