Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kettle calling the pot black

I'm in awe that the day would come when 'The Hindu' would dare point fingers at someone to say that they are sycophants. Are you kidding me?
The Political pundit, Mr. Harish Khare speaketh that Mr.Arjun Singh has been disavowed by the Congress for making statements that Rahul Gandhi should be made PM. Now the statement itself is controversial and in some ways stupid, but it would be ignorance to deny that Mama Sonia would not have any grandiose thoughts of her son taking over the throne left by her husband.
Anyways Mr.Khare's article can be read in its entirety here,
So the story goes thus, Arjun Singh in one of his moments to grab the spotlight decides to speak an open secret that Rahul Gandhi should be considered for PM. Nothing wrong with that, when Manmohan Singh and Gujral can become the PM without facing a public election, whats to prevent Rahul or Rajiv's Mini-me from seeking the crown.

Thing is the elections are a year away and such statements will hurt potential partners from coming to the Congress. This the Congress high command or Sonia will not allow. This Shakespearean tragi-comedy has many ironies here namely,
1. Jayanthi Natarajan is the grand daughter of Bakthavathsalam and comes from a lineage of sycophants to the Gandhi-Nehru family if one were to read their public statements in the past. (Thanks for correction Thyagarajan)
In fact Rajiv Gandhi died when he was to address an election rally in support of the Congress candidate Maragatham Chandrasekhar. If you notice the videos leading up to the assassination of Rajiv you would notice that Jayanthi and Maragatham were close to Rajiv when he got out of the car, but mysteriously vanished when he went to talk to the hoi polloi. Conspiracy theories anyone?
2. Harish Khare states,
what Mr. Singh did amounted to undermining the image Ms. Gandhi has assiduously built as party chief: that she does not crowd the Prime Minister out of his constitutional domain

I'm sure there are a hundred examples of how Mr.Singh was hindered from doing his Constitution bound duties by the machinations of Mama Sonia.
3. Harish then goes on give examples of how Arjun Singh had torpedoed Congress Governments and the Congress Party in the past. However what he fails to explain is how could a person in such a position have survived those moves without the backing of someone powerful?
4. The general picture painted by Mr.Khare that Mr. Singh is the only sycophant and there are no others in the Congress. That theory is blown out of the water by anyone who attends or walks past a Congress meeting or even views a Congress poster. You would see the pictures (in decreasing sizes) of Sonia, then the local head, then the representative (MP or MLA) and finally Manmohan Singh.

5. Finally, Mr.Khare decides to conclude
The public rebuke to unalloyed sycophancy seems to send out a new kind of political message.

But Mr.Khare, you must forget the old saying that people in glass houses should not throw stones. Likewise the Hindu which is blatant supporter and panders to the ideologies of the CPM, China and few other special interest groups should not be advising anyone of sycophancy without getting its own house in order.


Thyagarajan said...

Are you sure that Ms.Jayanthi is the daughter of Ms.Maragatham. I have my doubts.


Thyagarajan said...

Ms.Maragatham's daughter's name is Latha Priyakumar. But this factual mistake in no way dietracts your excellent expose of Khare Phure. Keep it up.

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for your correction. I was wrong on that count and have updated the post with the correction. I had mistakenly created a relation between sycophants. Do you know if Maragatham is still active in politics?

Thyagarajan said...

I am not even sure if she is alive. Surely the world would be a much saner place with lesser sycophants around, do you agree?


Dirt Digger said...

Haha of course it would be much better, but slightly less amusing.
You might remember that both Jayanthi and Maragatham were proteges of one of the leading supporters of the Gandhi-Nehru lineage, the Late G.K.Moopanar and now the work is continued by his son G.K.Vasan.

Anonymous said...



Berlusconi again

".....So Mr. Berlusconi gets away with it again. He has always used his three TV stations to promote himself and his causes."

The person who wrote this editorial seems to be oblivious of the fact that Comrade Ram is into the same game, that of using his media empire to promote his pet causes!

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for your comments on the Italian elections. it was nice to see the socialist idiots getting their due there. The person who wrote the editorial goes by the name of Narasimhan Ram :)