Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What coolaid are you drinking?

People often compare the maturation process to many things like wine (which gets better) or coffee (which tastes worse as time passes). I was pleasantly surprised to read the recent article by Mr.Harish Khare at the Chindu where he makes rational arguments about the causes of Inflation and appeals for a joint effort by all parties (political, media, public etc.) to resolve it.
The article can be read here,

This blog has in the past been quite critical of Mr.Khare's partisan and often non-objective writing. But to see him make some well structured arguments and sound rational at the same time is quite a sight. My only peeve was his statement that,
The great democratic tragedy of the last 15 years has been that a new policy regime of liberalisation was imposed on the country without any debate

The country was bankrupt due to the socialist policies of the last 40 years and the only alternative was liberalization.
Good work Mr. Khare now if you could only convince the CPIM to see logic and not make partisan actions that would be awesome.
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Pilid said...

I think his point is that public opinion ought to have been mobilized before the liberalization process began rather than introducing it first at a governmental level and then trying to convince people of its benefits. People have made this point before but they seem to forget that regardless of how it came about, its now 17 years since that change and still, as he rightly points out, the constituency favoring those reforms is not sufficiently large. That should tell us something - that no matter how the government had done it, the result is unlikely to have been very different.

Dirt Digger said...

Agree. Without sufficient backing it would've been difficult to push the change. Sometimes it needs unilateral action by the Govt. to push forward than to wait for approvals by all and sundry.