Monday, April 21, 2008

Pardon the wolves, punish the lambs

Often in Bollywood despite a lack of reason the director will introduce a joke bashing a stereotype and those scenes will have no relation with the plot. The Chindu taking a line from those producers decide to do the same in today's Leader page articles. Praveen Swami writes a paean about how there are 2 Americas based on race and the influence it has on the Presidential election. The article can be read here,
He raises some valid historical points. However what was irking me the most in that article was his fact of comparing Jammu and Kashmir with Philadelphia.
Philadelphia’s failure to build an inclusive, egalitarian society has bred a culture of violence. As many as 392 people were murdered in 2007 — 10 of them in a single weekend in April last year that saw bullets flying across the city, including in its normally peaceful centre.
Just how astounding these figures are becomes evident when one considers that last year Jammu and Kashmir, described as “the most dangerous place on earth” by the former President, Bill Clinton, saw 764 combat-related fatalities, of which only 170 involved civilians. Given that Jammu and Kashmir has an estimated population of 7.7 million, five times that of Philadelphia city, the statistics are startling.

Few things stand out here, if only 170 involved civilians then 120 people from the military were killed as per the South Asia Terrorism Portal. The satp article can be read here,
How often do we read an article criticizing the jihadists for killing innocent civilians and military men?
How dare Praveen state that "only 120 civilians" were killed. What if one happened to be his family? Would he have the same disdain to human life? Shame on you Chindu for showing no respect for the lives of Indian civilians

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Anonymous said...

Don't you think the larger point about racism in the US the hotbed of equality is being missed here?
Or how about gun control, should you not have that?