Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ghostwriters inc. anyone?

Reading a newspaper's readers comments often gives you a perspective of the paper's editorial policies and principles. Most newspaper filter for content and space, giving preference to the valid issues they would want to discuss.
A few of our anonymous readers have pointed out the Chindu's readers response to the dissent article published yesterday written by famous writers like Guha, Shashi Tharoor, Mukul Kesavan et al.
The "reader's response" is published here,
There are a few reader's here whom (if you use a search engine) the Chindu appreciates and publishes quite frequently. All of whom write responses favorable to the Chindu's opinion of Tibet and seem quite educated in the Chinese version of the incidents in Tibet.
All of this seems to point that these readers are not your average person on the street but are sitting in the air-conditioned comfort of Anna Salai, enjoying their coffee from the 2nd floor canteen there (probably with medhu vada given its a Thursday).
The least the mandarins in Anna Salai could do is to add a cooked up article of opposing view to give a semblance of fair play.
I'm thankful to a few anonymous readers for bringing this to our attention.


socal said...

Samuel Huntington was so prescient. :-)

Dirt Digger said...

Of course, partial truth is the total.

Anonymous said...

The letters #1 and #3 look eerily similar?! Wonder if Jayaraman and Kasim are avatars of Nut-Ram!

Thyagarajan said...

Now that the fangs have been bared and it is properly established that Yuan Ram and his cronies are on the left side and these intellectuals Ramachandra Guha and others on the right side (pun intended)can we dare the Chindu for a public debate on the issue. Yuan Ram will definitely hide behind technicalities.


pilid said...

This is classic Hindu strategy. Letters in support of their position usually tend to outnumber those against it. This time it is something like 4:1! Many a time it is a little better, something like 3:2. So I guess one can clearly see the game Ram and co. are playing here.

Anonymous said...

The imprint of some Hindu reporter masquerading as the letter-writer is unmistakable...look at the use of quotations for "greater tibet", "human rights" etc...the stuff you normally see in Hindu "news" reports.

Anonymous said...

No prize for guessing Albeena Shakil, an ex-JNUite, was a JNU Students Union central Committee member some years ago. Then why will not she support The Chindu's
views. Like her, I am sure, many others are also Comrades. Shame on them that they do not have the guts to say that they are leftist supporters and support the leftist cause. Acting as a common citizen, which The Chindu is well aware of. I know how The Chindu works in and out.

To know more about her, read the link:

Nandini Tunku

Anonymous said...

Sorry one of the links is as follows:


as it appears in the subject.

Nandini Tunku

pilid said...

Thanks Tindu. That's a great expose!

pilid said...

Thanks Nandini (I am sorry your name appeared as Tindu).

socal said...

They are not Hindu reporters faking as readers. Kasim Sait and Jayaraman probably are communist themselves since most, if not all, of their past letters usually see to be toeing marxist line. So, 3 out of 4 letters are probably by marxists; any prizes for guessing the 4th one's party affiliation?

airaF said...

2003 saw the 125th year of The Hindu.

I look at all those guys who were at the helm for those years,and then I look at Ram.

It is a sinking feeling.

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for your comments and insights. While the ghost writing is a speculation, does it make a difference if Chindu decides to publish selected opinions supporting its editorial views, how much different is it from a mouthpiece of an organization?

Dirt Digger said...

I totally understand your feeling. I was working there many years back and still remember those arguments.
One hopes that K.Venugopal takes over editorial responsibilities when N.Ram decides to hang it up(probably as soon as 2009 after the election).

Anonymous said...

We fully support China on Tibet: Hugo Chavez

Sujay Mehdudia

CARACAS (VENEZUELA): Venezuela President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday came out solidly in support of China on the Tibet issue and ridiculed attempts to disrupt the Beijing Olympic Games. He said his country and people were strongly behind Beijing on the issue and considered Tibet an integral part of China.

"We are strongly with the people of China. We fully support the People's Republic of China on the Tibet issue. It has our complete and unrestricted solidarity. The United States is behind all that is happening as it wants to derail the Beijing Olympics. We ask the world to come out in support of China on this matter and ensure that the Olympics are a big success," President Chavez told a group of visiting Indian journalists at an interaction in the presidential palace along with Petroleum Minister Murli Deora.

Later, a Foreign Ministry communiqué said that in the face of incessant and systematic campaigns of disgrace that China had been a victim of in the last few weeks, the people of Venezuela and its government were with it.


Folks, here is a report in Chindu that takes the cake. From the heading one whould have thought that Chavez was talking to some visiting Chinese delegation. But, go deep into the story you see that Hugo Chavez was lecturing to visiting Indian scribes and Minister Murli Deora!

May be Hugo Chavez thought that India is another "Autonomous Region" like Tibet and Murli Deora comes to him as a representative of the great patriotic regime!!

One can also note the superfluous nature of the report, with unnecessary repetitions.

But, what's more intriguing is the colour photograph with the following caption:

LENDING SUPPORT: Union Petroleum Minister Murli Deora with Venezuela President Hugo Chavez in Caracas on Thursday.

Who is lending support to whom? From the tenor of whole story, it looks like Chavez is conveying his support for China to Deora!

Bravo Editor-in-Chief. You have excelled yourself in your show of utter submission to your Beijing masters and shamelessly mortgaged the dignity of your own country.

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for your comments, a new blog post has been created. Lets continue our discussion there.

Anonymous said...

Interesting contribution to L to E, which was not published by The Hindu that I came across on net on The Hindu and Tibet:

Also came to know that Nandan Maniratnam, who distributed his book at CPM Conference in Coimbatore, "Contours of Leninism" is paying an annual tuition fee of $18,600. Ha ha ha :-)