Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I'm not condoning this but hey its free speech

This is a link to scenes from the banned movie Fitna

I dont know how long this link will last. Is the problem widespread? Yes. Are everyone of the Islam faith to be blamed? Absolutely not.
There are always rotten apples in every basket. If these apples try to destroy every basket, that is a problem. Be aware this is a graphic film with graphic brutality.
But every cancer needs surgery, if the internal immunity does not take care of it.
Will the Chindu address it? I doubt it, even if it does, in all likelyhood it will brush it under the carpet like the SIMI issue. I do not want to divert against topic here, but wanted people to view it and give their thoughts.
Please discuss your opinions with the readers of this blog. Only good healthy discussions and not fear and ignorance will resolve problems.


Anonymous said...

Interesting film. Is it going to be screened elsewhere? I'm sure there will be enough protests to shut this film down.

Anonymous said...

this video clip had to be deleted from liveleak owing to credible threats to its employees. i wonder if it will even find a mention anywhere on chindu.

Anonymous said...

You have religions like Christianity which has seen films like the Da Vinci Code made, Hinduism which has seen so many films like Water aginst the religion. But someone makes one film against Islam and there's such a hue and cry about this. Where is the tolerance which Islam is so famous for?