Thursday, April 03, 2008

Karat sets CPM agenda

What does Karat do after winning the second term?
1. He congratulates himself through Chindu
2. He sets the party agenda through hate speech. He defines CPM as anti-BJP.

If you noticed, yesterday Chindu did not report why the BJP was protesting against CPM. Chindu made it look like it was totally unprovoked. Nice try, chindu. We know better.

The Hindu : Front Page : Karat re-elected general secretary
“Our party has most consistently been the opponent of all forms of communalism and the fight against such forces, represented by the BJP-RSS combine, will be conducted with all our energy.


Anonymous said...

CPM is the perfect example of an all f@rt no sh!t philosopy(Please excuse my french). Their policy has always been reactionary, critical of anything developmental, unimaginative and totally incomprehensible to any sane person. Now Karat comes up with this idiotic statements. This exposes that CPM not only has any hope of the imaginary Third Front of winning the election, but also the fact that they are the real leaders in making stupid statements like war against communalism.
How many wars can the poor people wage? War against price rise, War against imperialistic forces, War against Tibetian terrorists, War against inflation.
Comrade Karat, please have some sympathy for the people :)

Anonymous said...

Learn 'Media Dharma' from 'The Hindu' - Communist leader's advice to Kerala Media
03/04/2008 15:31:43 HK

Communist leader P. Jayarajan’s advice to Kerala Media-“Learn from National Dailies like ‘The Hindu’ on how to report”

Jayarajan expressed his love towards the APOLITICAL daily ‘The Hindu’ to cover up the humiliation when Manorama TV reporter asked him about the role of newly elected Polit Bureu member Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s in the murder of RSS swayamsevak Karimbil Satheesan.

Jayarajan was deeply hurt and lambasted the Kerala media for not showing enough respect and courtesy for their leaders. As per Jayarajan the ‘Media Dharma’ is to follow the path of ‘Deshabhimani’ and ‘The Hindu’

Anonymous said...

cpm praising chindu is following the policy of "you rub my back, i rub yours".