Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Hindu Publishes Dissent on Tibet

I was frankly surprised to see this in the Hindu today. From refusing to even acknowledge the Tibet problem and publishing completely one-sided op-eds in favor of the Chinese government, the paper has clearly come some distance though not much seems to have changed in its editorial policy (see today's lead article by M.K.Bhadrakumar). Reading it, I get the impression that the letter was much longer before being edited to its current form but this is still progress. Check it out.


Dirt Digger said...

Interesting point, the Hindu is forced to publish the article of dissent simply because of the power behind the journalists who wrote it.
I'm sure the legitimacy that someone like Shashi Tharoor brings to the table would've twisted Hindu into publishing something it would not like.

Anonymous said...

Using this single letter, Chindu through its readers editor will soon come up with a mega article on the values of Chindu, transparency etc etc.

pilid said...

Dirt Digger, I agree. But for those names, the letter would likely not have seen the light of day.
Anonymous, you may well be right. One must await future items to see if the Hindu uses this as propaganda material.

Anonymous said...

100% agree.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic! First you say Chindu will not pubish dissent. When it does, you say only because of "weighty names". Even though those are same names you folks routinely berate as seculars, frauds etc. like Guha, Sharma et al. When the names attack Chindu, they are weeighty. When they attack chadiwalas, then they are rubbish. This blog full of inconsistency. At least be honest to yourselves, people.

shyam said...

My anonymous , pathetic ?? That is the word to be used for the HINDU not Chindu.Do you have an idea of the number of letters against China which have not been published ?? They did not want to offend some fellow secular intellectuals and hence have put it today.

Seculars in india can be seen in various colors.The Muslim Secular who always defends the religion and can never see anything wrong in the teachings or interpretations.The Secular Christian who always targets the poor and innocents in their conversion drive and try to hoodwink people sayng their relision would Cure all diseases and solve all problems.
Secular Hindus who basically are against the religion and hence try to prove a point on all appropriate occasions.
Secular INDIAN Intellectual who is blind to the actions of Terrorists and Naxalities and always tries to defend them what ever be the matter.
Secular media which for the sake of advertisements and political patronage is similar to a prostitude by throwing all morals and ethics and purely looking at the monetary aspect.
The CHINDU exposes them as they are.Most of these times these secular animals are selective so the coverage givven to them and the criticism seems FAIR and Just.

aanchal h. said...