Thursday, April 03, 2008

Between devil and deep sea

Chindu is in a bit of a bother here - whether to support Islamist separatism in China or support "One China". It will be interesting to observe if this news is reported and if so to what extent and hue.

Protest in Muslim Province in China - New York Times
Chinese officials said Wednesday that they were grappling with ethnic unrest on a second front, in the northwestern region of Xinjiang, where Uighur Muslims protested Chinese rule late last month even as Tibetans rioted in the southwest.


Anonymous said...

Wow this will be akin to giving a blonde a task to find a corner in a round room. Chindu will go crazy.
But most likely they will rationalize and choose Commies simply because while they favor Islam, its the commies who foot their bills.
They support Islam and other minorities just to spite the Hindu majority in India.

RM said...

I think Chindu will stand by the one-China policy, especially when Tibet is making news. Uighur muslims are unheard of in India to be an issue with the minorities. Also, unlike in Kashmir, Pakistan will turn a blind eye towards the issues of western Chinese muslims. At the best, Ram might dwell into the social and economical triggers of unrest in certain sections of Chinese minorities. Of course he will conclude that the minor problems will easily be addressed by the Sociialist regime.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you. LiC is more likely to ignore uighurs because they are not known in india. china supports islamic terrorism in return for muslim countries not interfering in uighur gulags.