Saturday, April 19, 2008

Will we hear opinions like this India?

This is not a view expressed in the Chindu. This is not a view expressed in an Indian newspaper or other media.
This is the opinion of a law graduate Mr. Maajid Nawaz, born in Southend, Essex, reviewed his stand while in jail in Egypt and now believes it is time British Muslims became more moderate. Here he explains why.
This is from the British publishing The Sun,
There are some real sane, rational opinions here like,
For far too long a culture of blaming others and protecting “our own” has been tolerated.
A new standard needs to emerge. Protecting “our own” means all the people of our country, not merely one religious faction.

Another quote,
The right to life must also be non-negotiable. Just as British Muslims condemn the deaths of Muslim civilians in Iraq or Palestine, they must also condemn suicide bombings that kill nonMuslim civilians.

I found this on a blog, which has radical opinions to a reality that faces most democratic countries, the threat of radical extremism.
Will the Hindu face reality and question zealots and politicians who divide people using religion as a tool?
Do read the article on the Sun and let us know of your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is time for this blog to diversify a bit. Other sources of information can provide what Chindu alone cannot.

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for your support and thoughts.
We agree with your comment that news should be sought out from multiple sources. But the guiding principle of this blog is to expose to our readers the double standards, lack of objectivity and general lack of journalistic principles by The cHindu.
We do take these types of different blog posts from time to time but it will not be the focal point.
But we do encourage you to post views supporting or opposing viewpoints in this blog, or even from time to time post blog posts or news topics we should consider addressing here.