Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why is there left-wing extremism in leftist paradise?

This is the supposed to be the state which has implemented pro-poor policies in the traditional leftist model. And the left has been in power for over 30 years now. Why then do we have leftist extremism in West Bengal? And whom are these terrorists fighting for when there are no poor people.

The Hindu : Front Page : Chief Ministers call for strengthening intelligence
West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee said the State Government had sanctioned recruitment of 4,000 constables.

He said a major security threat faced by West Bengal was left wing extremism in the districts of Purulia, Paschim Medinipur and Bankura. The three border districts were the worst affected by Maoist activities.

Compared to other states, West Bengal had witnessed less violent activity from the left wing extremist (LWE) groups. However, a front organisation of the LWE activists named the Gana Pratirodh Manch had carried out propaganda against the acquisition of land at Singur and a new area of Maoist activity was discovered recently in and around Nandigram.


Anonymous said...

More and more archeological finds in the Marxist Valley. The inhabitants are not only technically advanced, capable of making their own bombs, but also getting killed in that process:

CRPF finds eight more graves near Nandigram

Nandigram, December 20: The CRPF on Thursday found eight graves in the CPI(M) stronghold of Khejuri adjacent to Nandigram, three of which might contain human remains. CRPF sources said the three graves found at Mansinghber on Thursday evening could be of women as torn pieces of saree and bits of bangles and a necklace were found from there. Five empty graves were located at Sherkhan Chowk. A 25-member CRPF team have cordoned off the graves.

Earlier, the CRPF had found five graves in a field bordering a nullah on December 18 at Sherkhan Chowk, the sources said. A PTI correspondent, who went to the spot on Thursday, saw burnt wood and portions of bicycle tyres lying around the shallow graves. Local people alleged five bodies of CPI(M) supporters killed while making bombs at a house there on October 28 were burnt at the spot and buried for a night before being taken away.

Anup Patra and Sukdeb Patra, both CPI(M) supporters and residents of the village, claimed 19 Marxist supporters had been killed while making bombs at the house on October 28. The bodies were taken away in two vehicles by Marxist supporters, he added. One of the vehicles, with five bodies, offloaded them at the field where they were doused with kerosene and cremated, Anup said. That same night, the bodies were dug up and taken away, he said.

Anonymous said...

However, Chindu is modest in its reporting:

CRPF assistant commandant visits Nandigram

Nandigram (PTI): A CRPF assistant commandant on Friday visited five empty graves found near Nandigram and posted some personnel there for interrogating local people.

Assistant Commandant Arindam Mukhopadhyay, chief of CRPF's Gokul Nagar camp, visited the graves at Sherkhanchowk in the CPI(M) stronghold of Khejuri adjacent to Nandigram.