Saturday, December 15, 2007

Spin machine Avidya's gutter report

where is the objectivity? when other news reporters are calling it the most one-sided contest, how is avidya getting a different picture? it is because, she went to see what she wanted to see.
and can someone teach her some math, please.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Modi versus the rest in Gujarat
Ten days into my tour of Gujarat, I was still doing my math and weighing the two main parties against each other. The Congress had arithmetic and Sonia Gandhi on its side. The BJP seemed under siege, with the party structure, the larger sangh family, and the State machinery all in an adversarial relationship with Narendra Modi.

... difficult to tell which element would win: The Congress’ arithmetic advantage or Mr. Modi’s incitement to revenge.

In Gujarat, there is an expressway to every destination, as a
consequence of which the rural landscape is often a blur along the
journey. Take the bumpy de-tour to the villages, and you are apt not
only to see a different and unshiny Gujarat

Suddenly, an old man in rags seized Vasant Kumar by his collar and
thrashed him for insulting Narendrabhai. He ought to have been in
Soniaben’s rally.

The Modi myth is difficult to escape. A picture that lingers is from a
Modi rally in Mahuva, off the coast of Bhavnagar in Saurashtra. The
road to the venue was badly pot-holed. But unconcerned, the crowds
clapped and cheered him. Outside the pandal, I met a group of
Narendrabhai enthusiasts, all of them standing on a pothole the size of
a crater. Yet that did not seem to stop them from listing his
achievements, magnificent roads included.

Gujarat 2007 is tailor-made for a Congress victory. The caste equation favours it.


Anonymous said...

Vidya madam may be writing these silly reports with some benign intention on her part. To keep the boss in good humour at least till the Gujarat election results are out.

Anonymous said...

"BJP poised to retain power but with reduced majority: exit polls"

Notwithstanding Vidya's electroal "math" (which is more of a dubious analysis of caste equations), Chindu had to publish the forecast. But, secularists like our Chindu would not give up so easily. If Modi wins again to form the govt. (a probability in Chindu's own words), then we will be treated to a flood of post-election offerings such as the ritualistic comparison of Modi to Hitler, pseudo-psychoanalysis of the average Gujarati, wholesale condemnation and abuse of those who voted for Modi etc. etc. In short, a repeat performance of 2002by the Angrezi media, filled with hate and contempt for an entire state just because they don't like one man!