Saturday, December 29, 2007

The dog that lacks the bite

Karat's threat to the center on the nuke deal was widely published by most newspapers on the front page. Chindu barely mentioned it. Whereas the below news is a Chindu "exclusive".

The Hindu : National : ‘BJP win will have no effect at Centre’
“The results in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh will have no fall-out on the Centre,” party General Secretary Prakash Karat told reporters here. The Congress-led Central government will complete its full five-year term, he said, adding the next Lok Sabha polls would be held on time in 2009.


Anonymous said...

Everyone does it. Shadow Warrior does it. They go off topic at times. I hope you too will. I know a lot of visitors here will be interested in cricket. Consider posting this on your blog. This is a highly technical article and shows how our millionaire cricketeres refuse to learn. Aussies are so great in cricket coz they address all aspects of the game.

When will Sachin see the light

WHILE it's true he has made over 11,000 Test runs and 37 centuries, it has dawned on Extra Cover that Sachin Tendulkar's bat might be too big for him. We wouldn't advocate the Little Master scaling back to the yellow, plastic Milo number that's been working a treat in the backyard of late, but we were taken by how, with every visit he has made to our shores, Tendulkar's bat seems to have grown. So we consulted the experts. "Tendulkar's bats weigh about 1.5 kilograms," said Stuart Kranzbuhler, who has been crafting willow for Gray-Nicolls for 20 years. "The average Aussie guys use maybe 1.1 kilograms.

Anonymous said...

surprising how little things can be missed completely. thanks for your good suggestion. point well taken.