Monday, December 10, 2007

Chindu's censorship on letters to editor

The same letter has been sent to both Telegraph and Chindu. Notice how Chindu censored it, particularly the reference to China.

The Telegraph - Calcutta : Opinion
Sir ? Manmohan Singh?s decision to skip the South Asian Association for Regional Conference summit, so as not to be seen in the same company as King Gyanendra, is not only deplorable but also hypocritical. Further, such selective sermonizing reflects poorly on India. When we can deal with a dictatorship in Pakistan, a repressive military junta in Burma, and, above all, the repugnantly oppressive communist autocracy in China, on what grounds do we oppose the goings-on in Nepal?

Nepal?s king has constitutional legitimacy and so his decision is, in a way, democratic. It is time we put aside our holier-than-thou attitude in favour of national interest, and dealt with Nepal in a mature fashion, as befits a bigger and powerful neighbour.

The Hindu : Opinion / Letters to the Editor : Matter of concern
Sir, — When we can deal with a military dictatorship in Pakistan and a repressive junta in Myanmar, why should we react so harshly with respect to Nepal? It is time we dealt with Nepal in a mature manner befitting a large neighbour.

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socal said...

Chindu's naxal editor never surprises you. Heard a Chinese politburo member saying,"Sit boo-boo sit, good dog/editor." Alright, that was apocryphal, but you get the point.