Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Modi won by rigging

I was disgusted with Khare's article. Allegations pulled out of thin air.

If people thought there is a finite limit to the depths to which
Chindu can s(t)ink, they are sadly mistaken.

Here is a sample to taste:

First, the BJP this time will be hard-pressed to use its time-tested
rigging techniques. For example, the Election Commission has decreed
that only locally registered voters can be agents in local booths.
This puts paid to the party's familiar technique of bringing in buses
BJP activists from non-polling areas to man the booths.

To make the situation complicated, teachers, karmcharis and local
police personnel are unhappy with the Modi administration, and not all
of them will be all that enthusiastic about helping the ruling party
in its rigging strategy.

"BJP's fundamentals have become loose"

Harish Khare


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