Friday, December 21, 2007

More archeological finds in the Marxist Valley

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More and more archeological finds in the Marxist Valley. The
inhabitants are not only technically advanced, capable of making their
own bombs, but also getting killed in that process: :: CRPF finds eight more graves near Nandigram
The CRPF on Thursday found eight graves in the CPI(M) stronghold of Khejuri adjacent to Nandigram, three of which might contain human remains. CRPF sources said the three graves found at Mansinghber on Thursday evening could be of women as torn pieces of saree and bits of bangles and a necklace were found from there. Five empty graves were located at Sherkhan Chowk. A 25-member CRPF team have cordoned off the graves. Earlier, the CRPF had found five graves in a field bordering a nullah on December 18 at Sherkhan Chowk, the sources said. A PTI correspondent, who went to the spot on Thursday, saw burnt wood and portions of bicycle tyres lying around the shallow graves. Local people alleged five bodies of CPI(M) supporters killed while making bombs at a house there on October 28 were burnt at the spot and buried for a night before being taken away. Anup Patra and Sukdeb Patra, both CPI(M) supporters and residents of the village, claimed 19 Marxist supporters had been killed while making bombs at the house on October 28. The bodies were taken away in two vehicles by Marxist supporters, he added. One of the vehicles, with five bodies, offloaded them at the field where they were doused with kerosene and cremated, Anup said. That same night, the bodies were dug up and taken away, he said.

However, Chindu is modest in its reporting:

The Hindu News Update Service
A CRPF assistant commandant on Friday visited five empty graves found near Nandigram and posted some personnel there for interrogating local people.

Assistant Commandant Arindam Mukhopadhyay, chief of CRPF's Gokul Nagar camp, visited the graves at Sherkhanchowk in the CPI(M) stronghold of Khejuri adjacent to Nandigram.

The CRPF has set up four camps in Nandigram.


socal said...

Now I understand why Naxal R is dead set against opening up media. It is given that Naxal R will loose his media empire once foreign-funded or foreign competition comes in and challenges this entrenched commie mouthpiece. Increasingly upwardly mobile and globalised new gen. has little reason to be loyal to such a partisan piece of paper that trumpets for an antiquated ideology.

Naxal R knows that freedom of press belongs to those own it.

socal said...

Guys, if possible, please put some posts about Gujarat. I've one too, for starters. Win or loose, it is necessary that dissenting voices maintain their existence. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it is mournig time in Kasturi Building.

The Congress party (Salman Kursheed) declared in the morning during a TV discussion that a tally of 80-85 would be a victory for Congress (perhaps counting on horse trading)! Looks like they will not reach even 70.

From now on there will be a lot of "analysis". How this is not a BJP victory and only personal win for Modi, how Congress really won (i.e. managing to reatin at least 50 seats), how the supreme leader campagined against all odds, how Gujarat will become a more dangerous place etc. etc.

Of course, we will se a lot nonsensical stuff from Harish Bhai, Vidya Bhen and the star secular analyst Yogendra Yadav.

Anonymous said...

76 bombs recovered in Nandigram

Nandigram (PTI): Altogether 76 bombs were on Sunday found near a brick kiln here, CRPF officials said.

Acting on a tip-off, CRPF personnel went to the Janani brick kiln area here with sniffer dogs and found the bombs hidden in the bushes.........