Sunday, December 09, 2007

Mischievous Reporting

Naxalite leader’s wife arrested in Chennai

The Q Branch police on Thursday arrested the wife of a naxalite leader ofAndhra Pradesh from the city’s northern suburbs. Her husband Panduranga Reddywas arrested by the Andhra Pradesh police on Wednesday.

Superintendent of Police, Q Branch, M.Ashok Kumar said Mary (22) alias Madhavi alias Kavitha was arrested from Minjur. He told The Hindu that she was also a naxalite unit member.

When the woman herself is a Naxalaite, why is the headline misleading? Is Chindu suggesting that an "innocent" lady has been picked up just because she is the wife of a Naxalite.

There is no doubt that the woman arrested is a Naxalite. Two full days later, Chindu too accepts

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