Saturday, December 08, 2007

Product of Chindu's Demagogy

N Ram must be the envy of many editors. Who else has the kind of bench strength that Ram can boast of? His readers are doing a better job than his numerous spin machines. Ram must have grinned ear-to-ear seeing this letter

It is a shame on our democracy that Mr. Modi thumps his chest while justifying the Sohrabuddin encounter andneither the law enforcement agencies nor the courts do anything about it. It will be even more shameful and horrendous if he comes to power once again. His victory will have an awful impact on the victims of the Gujarat riots who have been isolated and have been living in pitiful conditions in stinking ghettos. If the recent bomb blasts are the work of Islamist terrorists, it is people like Mr. Modi who are responsible for producing them. If the government is serious about tackling terrorism, the Modis of India should also be brought to book.

Deepak Joshi,

Wow!!! Isn't Deepak brilliant?He must be a JNU product. Modi is responsible for producing Islamic terrorists. Fair Enough. But, weren't Islamic terrorists in action before 2002?Who is responsible for Godhra,Indian Airlines hijack, Ethnic cleansing in Kashmir and Evicting Pandits from the valley? Weren't Islamic terrorists attacking the Indian army decades before Modi "killed" Muslims? Deepak, with this kind of brain, you stand a great chance of becoming a Special Correspondent and rubbing shoulders with "intellectuals" like Khare, Neena , Vidya and our very own Ram.


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Some months ago, a Professor from Delhi, attending a conference in IISc (Bangalore) campus was killed during a terrorist attack.

One more reason to punish Narendra Modi!

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This reminds me of a past incident, when Chindu demonstrated its editorial bias effectively.

It were days of emergency in Nepal and the King had assumed all powers. Chindu came out fuming against the King and demanded resumption of democracy (the real reason was Maoists getting pulverized by Royal Nepalese Army and Chindu couldn't take it). As usual Congress govt. instead of helping the King tackle the Maoists, stupidly threatened the King of cutting of relations. My letter to Chindu asked how India could indulge in such hypocrisy since it could keep relations with Islamic fundamentalist Pakistani army autocracy(Mush was then darling of secular establishment), Burmese military junta and communist dictatorship in China. No prizes for guessing what happened. While Telegraph and Pioneer carried the letter fully, Chindu first slashed 'Islamic' from Pakistan, and above all, completely removed any reference to China. Naxal R couldn't tolerate criticism of his fatherland I guess.

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My letters on Nepal:

In Calcutta Telegraph-

"When we can deal with a dictatorship in Pakistan, a repressive military junta in Burma, and, above all, the repugnantly oppressive communist autocracy in China, on what grounds do we oppose the goings-on in Nepal?"

In Chindu-

"When we can deal with a military dictatorship in Pakistan and a repressive junta in Myanmar, why should we react so harshly with respect to Nepal?"

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