Saturday, December 08, 2007

Fwd: "Numbers will give Congress a landslide victory : Avidya"

nice comment by anonymous poster...

The names may be Vidya, Khare, Swami and so on. But, they are all Ram
surrogates. Chindu seems to be somewhat modest in understating its

The "secular minorty" groups such as the
muslims, Christians and other "weaker sections" of the society will add
up to another 10 to 15%. To this, add another 5 to 10% from the ranks
of anti-communal Hindus. Then all the anti-Modi BJP wallahs who are in
majority, but still within the party. Then you have the traditional
artists, authors, liberals, leftists and other intellectuals
constituting about 5%. The undecided, cat-on-the-wall category who will
eventually tilt towards the secular side, falling for the charm of the
"charismatic" S(acrificing)onia, making up 15 to 20%. This way Congress
can easily get more than 75%.

The Congress party has aready won,
by a sweeping margin. Modi has been disgraced, reduced to a non-entity
and BJP has been derecognised by the election commission etc. etc. (all
in the imagination and wishful thinking of Chindu).

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