Sunday, December 30, 2007

Karan Thapar calls for Modi's assassination

How long before Chindu follows suit?

‘Modification’ of politics- Hindustan Times
Only the sudden removal of Narendra Modi can stop this. For he is the agent forcing this change.


Anonymous said...

So, he is the Merchant of Death that his heroine has been talking about (check out the article, full of praise for the "helmswoman" as comrade Ram put it)? Of course, the whole of the elite media will rush to his rescue saying that Karan Thapar's words should not be interpreted literally etc.

Sundaresha said...

Immmediate arrest of Karan and the Editor of Hindustan Times is a must

Anonymous said...

Naxal's editorial on Orissa violence is typical of his lie-mongering. VHP activists definitely attacked Christian homes, but VHP rally was only "allegedly" attacked by Christian activists. Makes you wonder which Hindu activists might have attacked the VHP rally. But we should not be surprised, since Naxal is only "allegedly" Communist and is only "allegedly" a Chinese supporter.

Anonymous said...

Here is another 3S (Secular Sonia Stooge) calling for Modi's elimination:


May 2008 be a Modi-free year for you. Season’s greetings!

-Vinod Mehta

Anonymous said...

Chindu seems to have given up further "analysis" of the Gujarat assembly poll and now switched over to more even serious analysis:

Here is a six paragraph report:

Front Page

Shilpa Shetty dating millionaire

Anonymous said...

Karan Thapar and English language media (ELM) have lost their balance watching Modi win, lookout for more bile in 2008.

Good luck for the year ahead -> Hindu Fundamentalist and Andromeda.

Shanth said...

Need of the Hour : Hindu Unity

All Hindus in India should unite to fight for our rights. Congress and Communists are pandering for Muslim and Chrisitian votes. They use reservation to divide Hindus. it is time that we stand up for our rights. Why should I pay tax for Haj pilgrimage? Not one muslim country of total 57 in the world gives this facility to their muslim citizens. Why should so called SECULAR India do that? 15% of 11 Five year plan is to be spent on Muslims. Would this include Shahrukh Khan, Sania Mirza etc? There a lot of poor Hindus. I have even seen so called High caste hindus living in squalid conditions. We have to unite for our suvival. Educate yourself and raise your personal standards and work towards improving the living standards of fellow Hindus first. NDTV, IBN and their fellow psuedo secular channels are all controlled by Churches, Communists and Muslims. NDTV keeps showing the plight of muslims alone. they would conduct vote on the truth behind Sabarimala Jyothi but would extend Id and christmas greetings. All their reporters from Tamil Nadu are christian. No coverage on Ram Sethu but would cover Nawaz Sharif's visit and Benazir's death full time. Please Hindus stand up and fight for your rights. Unite.Follow what Vivekananda said: Arise, Awake and stop not until the goal is reached. India is our motherland and it should be protected at all costs.

Water Engineer said...

But India is STUPID, as KT has observed. Otherwise he would have been tried for instigating Modi's murder.