Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Highlights of Marxist Valley Civilization

the paradise called the marxist valley civilization.


Women in Marxist valley civilization:

"CPM leaders raped mother and daughters in Nandigram: CBI"


Human rights in Marxist valley civilization:

CPM cadres joined cops to fire, now beating up witnesses: CBI
CPM cadres stepped into khaki and joined police as they fired on
protestors in Nandigram.


Anonymous said...

Chindu thunders:

"The stance of the Hindraf leaders has been provocative in nature. Certainly the charge of “ethnic cleansing” has no relation to the situation in Malaysia. By seeking to organise Malaysian Indians under a Hindu identity, Hindraf is doing them a great disservice. Malaysia is, self-admittedly, a non-secular state. While the demolition of Hindu temples is a live issue in Islamic Malaysia, to present it and other grievances in communal colours is sheer folly."

There have been instances (in fact, court cases) of dead Hindu Malaysians, declared as having converted to Islam just before death and buried as Muslims! If it is not "ethnic cleansing", at least it is "ethnic manipulation" and Chindu finds it convenient to ignore such incidents.

Of course, Chindu has to reluctantly admit to the demolition of temples in the "non-secular" (a rather nice euphemism) state of Malaysia. Since Chindu is wearing special secular glasses it is used to seeing everything Hindu in dark, communal colours and so, it is in Chindu's habit to blame Hindus even if they meekly try to organise themselves.

Besides, there are several "Indian Muslim" and "Indian Christian" organisations in the US. Chindu never bothered to chastise these folks as "communally minded". On the contrary, they get prominent coverage in Chindu (during seasonal attacks on BJP, RSS, VHP, Narendra Modi etc.).

Anonymous said...

And comrades are not happy that the whole world has heard it, a little earlier though.

We don't know if the comrades are "stung" by the contents of the CBI report or just its premature leak! Anyhow, the Congress party has got some intelligence to prick the comrades.

'CBI leaks' on Nandi firing: CPI(M) may take it up with Centre

New Delhi (PTI): Stung by "leakage" of the CBI report into the March 14 Nandigram violence, West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee on Thursday said the state government could take up the issue with the Centre.