Monday, December 10, 2007

Fwd: Digvijay Singh labels "Hindu terrorism"; Chindu blames Modi

Fair "secular" game, isn't it. I am sure Digvijay Singh must have been
inspired by the terrorism of a newspaper with that name.

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Digvijay Singh accuses Gujarat of "Hindu terrorism". And Chindu finds
it convenient to blame Modi by asking "Will communalism work again?"
We are told that the Congress has "honourably owned" up Ms Gandhi's
"maut-ke-soudagar" accusation against Modi. What else can the Congress
do after its secular drum beaters have willingly propagated these
words of wisdom?

And Chindu informs us, folks of a lower intelligence: "Election
analysts are suggesting not merely that the Gujarat contest has
tightened but that the popular mood has turned against the BJP
because, among other things, Mr. Modi's attempt to shut out 'normal
issues' and make the Hindu-Muslim divide the dominant, if not the
sole, election issue has failed".

<b>One Vidya S has become many "election analysts"! That is what's
called secular magic. </b>

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