Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The inconvenient truth

It appears that the powers that be at Kasturi Building are blind as a bat. Chindu is excelent at reporting development. Comrade Pallavi does a heckuvva job - to borrow Bush's words-eulogizing China's spectacular rise.But when development happens in Gujarat, it deserves the kind of treatment reserved for Nandigram - brush it under the carpet.

Thankfully, Chindu isn't the only source of information for readers. This Indian Express article traces Gujarat's development.

Investment proposals, conversion of investment proposals, SEZ policy, petroleum
and natural gas, turnaround of PSUs like Gujarat State Fertilizer Company and
Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals and even figures on registered unemployed (an
imperfect indicator though) tell the same good governance story and there has
been no whiff of corruption at the CM-level

Gujarat's agricultural output has increased. Courtesy Narmada, so has irrigated
area. The soil health card system helped disseminate information about crop
patterns and fertiliser usage. Despite warts and delivery falling short of
promises, the Jyotirgram scheme has improved power supply in villages

Ignorance is bliss. Chindu would like to remain blissfully ignorant of ground realities in Gujarat for the simple reason that they are inconvenient and are incompatible with its perverted mindset of open hatred against anything to do with the BJP.

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