Friday, December 07, 2007

Numbers will give Congress a landslide victory : Avidya

Like Naxal R and Khare, "Vidya" assumes that Chindu's readers lack common sense. So she does simple mathematics to predict landslide victory to Congress. That all evidence is contradictory means very little.

And again, she goes on to show how Congress is adopting Hindutva, while Modi is talking of development. But she blames Modi for communalism. "You, the imbecile reader shove it down your throat ...", says A-Vidya.
What do you people think of her analytical skills?

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Behind the sparkle in Gujarat
The Congress, by contrast, has the look of the classic loser. The party is in glorious disarray, its leaders have little recall value, its philosophy is a mish-mash of knee-jerk Hindutva and secularism, it has made a mess of ticket allotment, and above all, it has to contend with the omnipotent, omnipresent Mr. Modi, who taunts and berates it constantly, forcing it at every point to follow the agenda he has set.

Today there is little evidence of this synergy. This is so in part because the Congress has dissociated itself from Gordhan Zadaphia, Minister of State for Home during the 2002 pogrom and the financial and organisational muscle behind the anti-Modi campaign. And in part because of internal discontent arising from the allotment of Congress ticket to some of the BJP rebels. Last week, irate Congresspersons smashed the party office in Ahmedabad. And in Amreli district in Saurashtra, once the epicentre of the anti-Modi revolt, the Congress and the BJP rebels are in a state of war.

On the campaign trail, BJP rebels-turned-Congress candidates can be heard slamming Mr. Modi for his alleged renunciation of Hindutva. Mr. Zadaphia, who remains the mentor of the rebel group, told The Hindu that the fight in Gujarat was between Moditva and Hindutva.

So is it all over for the Congress in Gujarat? No. If the Modi campaign is dazzlingly savvy and the support of his fan following deafeningly loud, the Congress has arithmetic on its side. In the surcharged atmosphere of the 2002 election, a section of the Congress’ traditional voters, especially tribals and Dalits, had voted for the BJP. Today they seem inclined to retrace their steps, though admittedly the Congress has scored a self-goal by prevaricating on the notification of Tribal Right Acts. Just how much damage this will inflict on the Congress is not clear. But one thing is certain. Tribals and Dalits are done with the BJP. In a State where tribals account for 14.8 per cent and Dalits another seven per cent, the significance of this hardly needs stressing. In addition, the Congress can count on the support of a section of the Kolis, estimated at 22 per cent, and Leuva Patels, the largest sub-group of the roughly 16-18 per cent upper caste Patel community.

Avidya does her arithmetic here
Tribals and Dalits are done with BJP. No reasons. Just take that. : 14.8 + 7 = 21.8
A section of Kolis and Leuva Patels , who constitute 22 + (16-18) i.e. 38 to 40 percent - Congress will get more than BJP, claims Avidya.

Thats a whopping 40+ percent to Congress. Avidya is predicting a landslide victory for Congress.

Now you see why she says, "
If propaganda alone were to decide the verdict in Gujarat, Narendra Modi would have a walkover." It is numbers and not propaganda which will decide the verdict. That is the reason why Congress is sitting and doing numerical problems and not campaigning. And when they are bored, they are fighting among themselves. Obviously this is better than working for the people or campaigning.


Anonymous said...

The names may be Vidya, Khare, Swami and so on. But, they are all Ram surrogates. Chindu seems to be somewhat modest in understating its calculations.

The "secular minorty" groups such as the muslims, Christians and other "weaker sections" of the society will add up to another 10 to 15%. To this, add another 5 to 10% from the ranks of anti-communal Hindus. Then all the anti-Modi BJP wallahs who are in majority, but still within the party. Then you have the traditional artists, authors, liberals, leftists and other intellectuals constituting about 5%. The undecided, cat-on-the-wall category who will eventually tilt towards the secular side, falling for the charm of the "charismatic" S(acrificing)onia, making up 15 to 20%. This way Congress can easily get more than 75%.

The Congress party has aready won, by a sweeping margin. Modi has been disgraced, reduced to a non-entity and BJP has been derecognised by the election commission etc. etc. (all in the imagination and wishful thinking of Chindu).

socal said...

Hahaha....nice one anon. HF,andromeda you oughta put the above post on front.