Saturday, December 08, 2007

Venezuela - A heavan on Earth

Chindu has been devoting pages and pages in praise of Hugo Chavez. Seeing the Guardian do a better job of it, Chindu chose to faithfully reproduce the entire article. Chindu wants us to believe that there is no illiteracy in Venezuela. And that Chavez is god.
Since Mr. Chavez came to power, the poverty level has been slashed from 49 to 30 per cent, extreme poverty from 16 to below 10 per cent; free health and education have been massively expanded; subsidised food made available in the poorer areas; pensions and the minimum wage boosted; illiteracy eliminated; land redistributed; tens of thousands of co-ops established and privatised utilities and oil brought back under public ownership and control.

Why stop with this?Chindu could have also added that right from the minute Chavez assumed power, the per ca pita income of the Venezuelans doubled, the GDP grew 129.9% , unemployment dipped to -5%, and the Venezuelans were never happier. Then how did Chavez end up with egg on his face in the referendum? What else is Bush for? Blame him and American capitalism.There is a careful attempt to downplay this defeat.

The purpose of the Article? Socialism works wonders. Chavez is a president par excellence. Under him Venezuela is on the road to overtaking the US. Bush is working overtime to keep Venezuelans poor. Though defeated, 'charismatic' Chavez is hugely popular.

Will we ever get to see an article- forget an editorial- even mildly critical of the Left philosophy? I wonder whether there is an end in sight for this never ending stream of Left wing praising and Right wing bashing.

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