Monday, December 10, 2007

Fwd: Congress filp-flops; Naxal R stuck in sh**

Naxal R is struck by the foot in mouth disease.

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Congress' flip-flop continues

Continuing its flip-flop on the "merchant of death" controversy, the
Congress on Monday suggested that Sonia Gandhi did not name Narendra
Modi but had the entire state administration including the Chief
Minister in mind when she made those remarks.

Chindu (Editorial) earlier in the day said that Congress has
"honourably owned" up Ms. Gandhi's "maut ke soudagar" accusation
against Modi.

So, it looks like Congress has, as of now (i.e. as per the latest
somersault, it is not just flip-flop as Chindu would like to pretend),
"dishonourably disowned" up the remark on Modi?!

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