Friday, December 28, 2007

N.Ram prays for Congress victory

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : BJP rising
Just where did the Congress go wrong? Punjab and Himachal Pradesh have a history of rejecting incumbent regimes. But in Gujarat, even this fig leaf was not available to a party whose only selling point was the Gandhi family charisma. Sonia Gandhi and son Rahul drew big crowds in Gujarat. Nevertheless, the party lost all seven Assembly seats in the Surat Lok Sabha constituency. In the aftermath of the Gujarat debacle, it held its customary introspection session only to absolve mother and son of all blame. A similar ritual can be expected to follow the Himachal rout. Ms Gandhi’s commitment to secularism and social democracy and her political skills are not in question. After all, she put in place the 2004 winning combination. Yet to regain lost ground, the Congress needs far more than Ms Gandhi’s helmswomanship.
He completely absolves Madam, just like the congress sycophancy
brigade. And he gives lame excuses like anti-incumbency. Then praises
Gandhi for ... everything. Now, chindu can call itself a balanced
It needs a reformed party organisation, a new unity of purpose, and, above all, a fighting secular spirit that distinguishes it from the BJP and a socio-economic programme that is responsive to mass deprivation and livelihood issues.
Naxal "boot-licker" Ram blames the party organisation for congress debacle. He is asking congress to emulate his newspaper's secular terrorism. Livelihood issues - farmers' suicides in Maharashtra, Andhra you mean?
The party leading the Central government will count on doing well in
2008 by tapping into anti-incumbency sentiment in Madhya Pradesh,
Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh. It may also hope to do well in Karnataka.
Naxal "sycophancy" Ram is literally pleading congress to win. This is not editorial slant but journalistic prostitution.

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Andromeda said...

Looks like Chindu is yet to come out of the Guj shock.. A good portion of the editorial is again spent undermining the Gujarat win.. "Unlike in Gujarat, the party made no tall claims here"

and also a lame excuse for the defeat..

"Punjab and Himachal Pradesh have a history of rejecting incumbent regimes"..

This is a classic example of killing two birds with a single stone.. Not only has he "explained" the HP debacle, but also has reminded that Punjab too was won by the BJP-SAD combine because of anti-incumbency.. and not because of a positive vote in BJP's favour.. the thumb rule for Chindu is " If Congress/CPM/DMK wins, it is a positive vote. eg. Loksabha 2004. If BJP wins, its not a vote for the BJP but a vote against the incumbents.Don't bother understanding this unless you are a "certified, progresive, secular, left-liberal"

Even after the rout if a paper says the party lost because the "administration was perceived to be corrupt", it only shows how deep rooted the paper's political bias is.