Friday, December 07, 2007

A narration of contradictions

rotfl. This article by Vidya is absolutely hilarious stuff. She should be voted the "official spin machine", as she herself puts it. How can a large crowd, who cant see the stage, and do not understand Hindi, be captivated by a monotonous speech? Yet, Vidya goes on with hers!!! She deserves a category along with Naxal R and Khare.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : A tale of two rallies
In the absence of anyone to take on Mr. Modi in the Gujarat Congress, the burden has unsurprisingly fallen on Ms. Gandhi. And she never ceases to surprise. The Congress chief is almost colourless by comparison. Forget humour and witticisms, she is distant and sedate, reading her lines like an automated machine. Nonetheless, her mesmeric hold on the audience is to be seen to be believed.

If the Mahuva meeting was held under a protective shamiana with Mr. Modi in close, mirthful conversation with his audience, in Idar, the stage was a distant blur in a maidan
the size of a football ground. And the crowds came in waves, by foot
and on tractor. By 1 p.m, when Ms. Gandhi arrived, the ground was
filled to overflowing. Ms. Gandhi spoke in Hindi. Her listeners
understood only colloquial Gujarati. Yet they heard her in rapt

Ms. Gandhi — not to forget Rahul Gandhi — has always been a crowd
puller, with the attendance not always converting into votes. That Mr.
Modi has a vocal fan following across Gujarat is also evident. Go to
any shop, go to a random mohalla, and even in rural Gujarat, you will hear hosannas sung to Narendrabhai.


Anonymous said...

"Nonetheless, her mesmeric hold on the audience is to be seen to be believed." Is there a limit to Chindu's sycophancy (or is it Soniafancy)?

Anonymous said...

"True, Hindraf, either mischievously or mistakenly, sought to give a religious, if not a communal, colour to the state’s entrenched discrimination against a most vulnerable minority." So, says the Editor-in-Chief.

We take it that Hindus identifying themselves as such, and defending their rights and heritage is mischief, mistake, religious, communal etc. etc. Poor Malaysian Hindus! They should have taken the Chief's advice before naming their organisaiton. He would have dished out nice secular names by the dozen.

BTW, if the Chief is so hyper sensitive to the word Hindu, why does his paper still carry that name?!