Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Insult to voters; insult to readers

After being badly stung by readers' views on Chindu's Nandigram coverage, the censorship on the letters has reduced a wee bit. "Analysts" attributing Modi's victory to wrong reasons is clearly an insult to voters just as Chindu publishing hate-filled election analysis is an insult to its readers.

The Hindu : Opinion / Letters to the Editor : Insult to voters
I am surprised by some people arguing that only the last few weeks of incisive campaigning by Narendra Modi helped him win! It is true the campaign helped him swing undecided voters in his favour, but to win such a huge majority without showing actual results is not possible. Also, it is insulting to the voters when it is said that they chose the wrong person for the post. Mr. Modi’s style of working is actually producing results — there is development, there is very less corruption, and more importantly there is safety in the State.

- S. Sudhir Kumar, Hyderabad

* * *

Mr. Modi mainly focussed on development and won. Gujarat’s Muslims displayed signs of attitudinal changes. They not only participated in the elections fearlessly, but also voted for BJP candidates. Gujarat is a model State today because of the fantastic all-round economic development.

- Mumtaz Ali Khan, Bangalore

* * *

The BJP’s great performance can be largely credited to Mr. Modi. Now, it is important to put Godhra behind us. Also, to say that the elections have been won on communal lines is an insult to the Gujarat electorate.

- Aneesh Bhandari, Jaipur

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