Thursday, December 06, 2007

Brinda Blabbers

We all know what Brinda Karat, the air-hostess turned fighter of the downtrodden, is capable of. We also know to what she "owes" her current ascend in the party. Every now and then we get amazing insights into her "intellectual prowess"- something over which the red brigade so religiously (sorry, secularly) claims exclusive rights . Sample this:

Asserting that politics was strengthening the caste system, she said the country could not be modern till the caste system was abolished. She sought a nodal agency to look at the demand for reservation for dalits in the private sector

I feel off my chair when I read this. Her logic is - Abolish caste by giving quotas for Dalits in private sector. The very party that butchered Dalits in Nandigram is now shedding crocodile tears. And, Chindu also does not forget to mention that the BJP objected to the "time allotted" to the red brigade. The Special Correspondent can look forward to a raise as he/she has done what is expected- Praise Brinda , Bash BJP

And by the way, who are the "elders" mentioned in the caption?

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