Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sidd's biased critique of bigotry

Sidd Varadarajan is absolutely right in blasting the BJP for showing bigotry in expelling Jaswant Singh for his book on Jinnah. The departure of Vajpayee has made BJP a very narrow organization without vision for change and more set in its rabid ways guided by the likes of Rajnath Singh who have no popular base.
However so are these reprehensible acts:
  • The ban on Satanic verses
  • The censorship of the Da Vinci code
  • The ban on Fitna and the furor over the Mohammed cartoons
  • All the various Taslima Nasreen incidents
  • and many more

Sidd, why can't you take the hammer to the same bigotry exhibited by the Muslim fanatics, the Left and the Christian missionaries? But of course then your column would not be published on the Chindu.


Anonymous said...
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I, Me, Myself ! said...

DD - You are totally right that people like Rajnath are somehow finding unique ways to dig further into an already deep abyss. As far as Sid's article was concerned, when I read the first line of the article, I expected a much more severe bashing but atleast he acknowledged that Cong-NCP banned a book on Sivaji (talk about being happy about small things!). Maybe that was all the leeway he was allowed in this article :D. The deep rooted intolerance he talks about has been perpetuated by the Grand Old Party, and of course we cannot question them!

@Anon - I found Sid's articles on Nuclear Deal very informative, and I think that his investigations made us aware of the actual implications of that sell-out deal.

- Sudhir

Manas said...

I am normally ready to read any blasting of Chindu and Comrade Sidd but what has Sidd's wife got to do with his articles and this blog? Webmasters should not allow such blatant ad hominem stuffs.

kuttychathan said...

DD you are right. None of the political parties in India has internal democracy. And they are supposed to be guardians of our democracy!

Contrast the chindu's reaction to the controversy regarding Jaswant's book to the reaction when Taslima was chased out of India by Muslim fundamentalists.

Hindu's sister publication often publishes articles by A G Noorani, justifying the islamic ire against Salman Rushdie & Taslima Nasreen.

I.M. Buni said...

Noorani and Sidd are critic of Islamic terrom and fanatiscism too.

Dirt Digger said...

haha foor soldier of of marxists. Thats a good one. Not sure the alumni factor is in play here.
Its all the anti-BJP factor in play here.

Dirt Digger said...

Well I agree with you that Sidd has a point here. But he loathes to hit the paragon of bigotry which is the Marxist group of parties.

Dirt Digger said...

thanks for your comments. We have left the comment as the writer has a point relating both to the ideology.
Had it been otherwise, we would've deleted it.

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for the note on Noorani.
Chindu should change its name to national hypocrisy newspaper.

Dirt Digger said...

I.M. Buni,
thanks for the note. Could you provide some examples?

Anonymous said...
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Roparguy said...

"""""Anonymous""""" - Looks like u tried for some job and u didnt get it ;-))))))

Dirt Digger said...

While we appreciate frank feedback on this blog, I am disappointed at the personal attacks raised on Professor Sundar. While I'm not aware of your issues pertaining to her ideology, the fact remains that this blog post was not targeted at any work of her's. Targeting her in this post is not only unfair, but quite demeaning as well.
Hence I have deleted your posts.
I do apologize to Siddarth and Professor Sundar for any distress caused. We have and will continually ensure that the contents of this blog are clean and do not stoop to unnecessary personal attacks.

Mayuresh Gaikwad said...

Sidd fears for his life, you see... He would have been dead if he was to comment on the bans of Satanic verses or Da vinci code or some other such books