Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We are tweeting.

We have started tweeting, do check out our twitter page. We will be adding a Twitter widget to the blog shortly to get the latest tweets from twitter on this blog as well.
Saddle up folks, its going to be a great ride.

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I, Me, Myself ! said...

sorry for deviating, but this letter seemed very odd to me in today's edition (August 12). This guy is saying we should have crossed LoC during Kargil, and the war would have been over much quicker!

"The article has blamed the Indian army, to some extent rightly, for its failures. It should have also brought out the shameful performance of our political leadership of the time. It is nobody’s case that the army’s flip-flop on the build-up of Pakistani troops along Kargil was insignificant. But what about the government of the day? There were reports that Pakistan warned India that it would resort to a nuclear strike if our soldiers crossed the Line of Control. Thanks to a terrified Indian political leadership, the world witnessed a bizarre spectacle of a modern army using First World War tactics to assault strongly held enemy positions head on. Had our leaders allowed the army to cross the LoC, the war would have been over in a much shorter time with minimum casualties.

Jayanta Kumar Dutt,


We would have to still climb the peaks even if we cross LoC, right?

Logistic issues apart, I recollect Vajpayee telling Prabhu Chawla that one can control when to start the war, but one has no control as to when it will end.I think that is a very fair point, and blaming the political leadership for not crossing LoC amounts to hawkish arguments.

I don't recollect The Hindu publishing a letter, which is so hawkish in nature.

Either way, if Jayanta Kumar Dutt wants to blame political leadership for the Pak fiasco, he should train his guns towards one Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru!

- Sudhir