Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Read and lament

The Pioneer > Online Edition : >> Spread terror get reward!
The Supreme Court has created an unwarranted precedent, and one can only shudder at the inevitable repercussions. The family of a criminal with trans-national links to designated enemies of the Indian state — Dawood Ibrahim tops the list of wanted persons India is seeking from Pakistan — is compensated grandiosely; his victims are thus dishonoured by none other than the apex court; the nation’s tax-payers are outraged by this gross misuse of their money; and the police officers who risked their lives to capture the crook and maintain law and order, prevent gun-running and smuggling for the ‘D Company’, are jailed and hounded by the judiciary. There cannot be a graver travesty of justice.

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Aryan Culler said...

Dont forget your roots, punk - Do we now have to contend with a Pioneering Comrade?? Source fallible - News Theory Negated. LOL.