Monday, August 17, 2009

Rebutting Ananth Krishnan

Thanks to CodeNameV for the link. B.Raman's rebuttal of Ananth Krishnan's op-ed in The Hindu is very well written and a must read for all our readers. The link is here.


CodeNameV said...

Without being too pushy, does the Ananth Krishnan deserve to be part of "Hall of Shame"? I think it does!

I, Me, Myself ! said...

What caught my attention in AK's article was this:

"The Chinese government blocks and censors numerous websites that are politically sensitive, discussing subjects like the Tiananmen Square protests or the Falun Gong. But suggesting that the government controls and moderates debates and political opinions in blogs and newspapers is a stretch."

It is precisely because the government is capable of censoring "poilitically sensitive" subjects, that we are led to believe that the government is capable of moderating other content too. I did not quite understand why drawing such a sensible conclusion should invite such revile from Ananth Krishan? And if even by mistake, a "politically sensitive" issue was banned from discussing on "obscure blogs" in India, The Chindu will be the first to shout from the rooftop.

AK's article is right only on one count - our TV media's over reaction to this the whole topic. And that has become so common these days; we didn't need another China-is-awesome article to remind us about the reactions.

- Sudhir

PS: btw, Raman's article was excellent :)

I.M. Buni said...

Rama article still ducks main point -- the claim made by the D.S. Rajan that Changlue was from the OFFICIAL think tank! Rama and cahoots are to blame for any overhyper by the Indian media. They are the fool.

HF said...

codenamev, i think it does. have been trying to figure out how to link it. now it is done.

Aryan Culler said...

Fundamental Flaws in the arguments -
1. The website is in Chinese and is being translated by an Indian expert - We are being treated to hear-say.
2. The '' being flaunted is somehow no longer publicly available. 2 options
a) China's real intention but got published
b) Proxy illegal publication onto the site also fancily called cracking.
3. Your translation is being translated by the black-listed 'Chennai Centre For China Studies'. But then it is Indian and hence we should trust it. Of course. But then arent the 2 countries are in conflict?
4. Of course, since Mr. Rajan is no longer part of the Govt. - he must now be expressing his honest translation for Outlook. The variation in the Chinese language itself supports Mr. Rajan in making false arguments. Mr. Rajan's credentials are not proof that he speaks the truth. Its like saying a Ph.D always speaks the truth. Hahaha.

However, it is convenient for you guys to believe one opinion rather than use your brains. Why debate when the result is already known ?

kuttychathan said...

Of late china fans have begun to sneak into this blog too. Please see the comments by I.M. Buni and Aryan Culler. I don't know whether it is by design...

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for the note, will definitely lock Ananth up :)

Dirt Digger said...

You are absolutely right. The C Govt controls Google and asks them to sign agreements and controls their search results.
They can do anything.

Dirt Digger said...

thanks for your comments.

Dirt Digger said...

Aryan culler,
Thanks for your comments. You are right there could be some issues in the translation but the theme is what is disturbing. Why else would the chinese govt. come back to deny the statements?
Do read B.Raman's article on the same.

Dirt Digger said...

thanks for the comments. In this blog we welcome opposing voices as long as cleanly discuss their positions.

CodeNameV said...

i suggest the readers of cbcnn blog to read other posts by B.Raman in his blog about China. For those who seem to have question B.Raman's analysis, sample this:

These are his brilliant articles on China in recent times.

Even as the discussion here continued, Ananth himself has answered Raman's questions on his blog. Read here

Not very surprising that in his defense he starts to attack B.Raman personally calling him ludicrous and all! But his argument largely lacks any matter because he simply restates what he wrote in the article instead of countering what B.Raman had to say!

Manohar said...

I am a regular reader of Hindu newspaper, I like it for a few reasons ( not for it's pro-china stand). I always assumed that the paper was a professionally run enterprise. I recently learned from wiki that it has always been a family run business and Ananth Krishnan is from the youngest generation. He is the correspondent to an important country like China. We need better people to write about China.....

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

manohar, you might also want to read up on asha, its communist sympathies and anti-hindi, anti-indian agenda. info on sandeep pandey's naxal and pakistani loyalties is also readily available on the net.