Sunday, August 23, 2009

Is 203 crore enough for a statue? Mayawati thinks so.

The impact of the downturn in the world's economy has not affected the Uttar Pradesh statue making business. Not as long as Maywati and her Government keep making statues of Kanshi Ram and her at a cost of Rs.203 crore which was disputed by the media which claimed Rs.500 crore was spent.
It was a wrong notion that the stupa, being built with other statues, will cost Rs. 500 crore. The cost of the stupa is Rs. 203 crore, and not Rs. 500 crore as stated in newspaper reports.” The State said: “The judiciary must exercise self-restraint and eschew the temptation to encroach upon the domain of the legislature or the administrative or statutory authorities,

The UP government using a weird logic that it was just fulfilling the wishes of Kanshi when it put up the statues of Mayawati alongside him and pointed to Madame Tussauds as an example!
he affidavit said Ms. Mayawati’s statues were erected to fulfil the wishes of Kanshi Ram, who willed that wherever his statues were put up, the statues of Ms. Mayawati, “his only heir, must also be installed.”

The Supreme Court needs to be involved in this issue and should ensure that tax payer revenue is not wasted in such endeavors in UP and in other states. Really hope the media takes this issue and makes the state governments accountable.

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Karmasura said...

There is no noise since these people are making statues.. Imagine the hoopla if Modi decides to make his statue!!!