Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chindu's redesigned website

Chindu has launched a new beta website neatly redesigned. I like the design which takes us from the old clunky 1997 bare bones HTML format to a more 2006 version. In fact there is a comments section (Moderated of course :)) where viewers can post their opinions.
From the feedback of the few items I've read, it appears to be the saccharine Kasim Sait variety.
But its a step in the right direction.


Karmasura said...

Even the article pages are better.. I did not like the solid blue parts on both the sides of articles and the extremely tiny fonts..

kuttychathan said...

May be because i am a cynic... but i have this suspicion that the beta-site is a cheap imitation of the site of Guardian. Anyway, this beta site is incomparably better than the old site.

Another point... see the picture in the article introducing the beta site. Ram is using a Dell PC instead of a Lenovo. I have posted a comment saying so and is waiting to see whether the comment will appear in the site or will be "moderated".

I, Me, Myself ! said...

Kuttychatan - I agree with you. Though this site looks much better than the original site, this site looks no different from say, even Times of India, Indian Express etc. Surely, you don't need a Marco Garcia from Tampa, CC1 Europe, and some other company from Norway to redesign it this way. Maybe if the contract was given to an Indian company that believes in innovation, this site would have stood out better than the existing ones.

Either way, it is a good step forward, especially the "moderated" comments. So far, my understanding is that comments with foul language will not be allowed.

- Sudhir

chennaivennai said...

the color combination looks like from that of THE GUARDIAN. Except that Guardian has a "Red" flavor in its website.

The font, headline color, text are all like Guardian.

Sundara said...

Is it a prelude to make it a paid site as in the case of wsj?