Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ramblings of a demented mind

V.R.Krishna Iyer has rarely come up with anything worthwhile and more often than not bordered on dementia. I wonder why his articles still appear on the "Analysis" section. Here is another classic piece from him.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : The Sotomayor saga and gender justice

The occasion is the elevation of Sotomayor to the Justice of Supreme Court in U.S. If this is an occasion to hail gender equality, how about we begin with the situation in America. She is only the 3rd woman in 111, making it about 2.7% women judges. And how many woman presidents did the U.S. have till now? ZERO.

The article is filled with such inconsistencies and ridiculousness, it is just not worth dissecting. If indeed the author is concerned about few women judges in India, then it is worthwhile to ask if it is a gender preference for certain professions, especially given that this trend is universal and not specific to India.

We have had atleast two women as the dominant power centers, covering about 50% of our 60 year history. To dismiss this as chance and call India as having discriminatory policies is just stupid. It makes me cringe when I think this was the person sitting in the seat of a Judge, dispensing justice.

Does chindu have an editorial board to scrutinize articles and do they look beyond grammar and spelling?

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