Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chinese strategist unveils China's plan to break up India

This was in the news close to a week back. A Chinese strategist thinks that the rot called "Hindusim" has set in too deeply into India and China should break up India into 30 states.
As far as I know, I have not seen a single article quoting a major politician responding to this.
..has advocated that China should help divide India. China should support factions of the Assamese, Kashmiris and Tamilians and break-up India into 20-30 independent nation-states like Europe and eradicate the caste system, suggests an unsigned article posted on the Beijing website of a Chinese military think-tank.

Perhaps India should think of doing a similar surgery by breaking off Tibet, Mongols and the Uighurs separately to teach them a lesson.


Kaushik said...

I was going to send this to you. :P
Interesting, our caste-system having far-reaching implications. :D Wonder what Chindu will have to say on this. Interesting which states they want to support -
Kashmir - ok, Paki-friend problem. Assam - ok personal border problem, near Arunachal.
But faar away they even 'state' Tamil Nadu. :D No prizes for guess how/why they even know the state.

harish said...

India reciprocating in the same way to china is a far cry forget it. when they couldnt do anything to pak what are they gonna do to china.

kuttychathan said...

DD... Let us wait and see who is going to break-up. I firmly believe that no society can survive for long, without democracy and freedom of expression.And the break-up of china will be more spectacular than the break-up of soviet union.The break-up of china will be done by the chinese themselves. India need not do anything. India need only guard against being hit by the fragments flying off during the break-up of china.

Hemanth Reddy Karmuru said...

mehtas latest comment on china..

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Xinhua Ram said...

Deep down, my feeling on this is similar to Kuttychatan's. But I am currently apprehensive of the near term (next few years). I have no doubt, however, that China's march will end abruptly and when it happens, yes, it will be spectacular. We may see it lie in tatters.

Xinhua Ram said...

Drought of justice, flood of funds : P. Sainath

Someone tell this guy that 'taxing less' and 'doling out freebies' are two very different things.

“Revenues foregone” does not mean taxes are not collected, it is just that the government realizes the folly of treating some of its citizens as beggars and some as milking cows; and decides to go easy on taxes.

He wants Air India to be rescued with tax payer money after private airlines are allowed to go bankrupt?

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for the note. Great minds think alike!
Yeah I was surprised about TN and the caste system. Any large society will ultimately have some system of oppression. The degree is what really matters.

Dirt Digger said...

That's true. but if what pak is saying is true, at least the balochistan issue could be their kashmir, not to mention that they are in a deep morass of crap of their own creation.

Dirt Digger said...

Wow, thats quite an agressive line of thought. not sure how it will happen though. would like to see more arguments and specifics from you backing ur line of thinking.

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks for ur comments.
If Mehta's comments are true, we are in deep crud with China.

Dirt Digger said...

Xinhua Ram,
Thanks for your thoughts. You can talk to Mr. Sainath on twitter :)
His concepts are often contradictory and vague.

kuttychathan said...

Thank you DD...Here are the reasons for my belief that china would break-up

1. Unlike the Eastern Europe, China is a country with a huge population.

2. The economic liberalisation and globalisation being followed by china is bound worsen the plight of poor, as it happens now in India. We have read stories about the existence of a kind of bonded-labour, the worst-working conditions in factories, and about blatant exploitation of workers, from china.

3.While the poor and the working class in Inida have many well wishers like numerous NGOs, bleeding-heart-liberals and the chindu itself, to plead for their cause, none in china is allowed such a freedom.

4. There are several disaffected groups in china like the Tibetans, Ughirs, etc who face severe persecution. While in India they have numerous high-profile spokespersons like Ram, Prannoy ,Harsh Mandar, Krishna Iyer,and the kind of fierce-women seen nowhere in the world like Arundhati, Medha, Shabana, Teesta, Brinda etc, the rebels in china, as we all know, are brutally repressed.

4. All these pent-up feelings of bitterness would certainly cause an explosion, the kind of which the world has never seen.

The big question is when?

Aryan Culler said...

LOL...The thorough in-depth analysis amuses me for some reason. A backyard full of my Naxal brethren, Hindu and Islamic Extremists, Armed Forces Special Powers are always a less potent mix than anti-Chinese uprisings. No - India shall be shattered into the thousand kingdoms that it always was if it treads the path that it is on.

Beta Hindu said...

Opinion Op-Ed
August 16, 2009

Does Beijing really want to “break up” India?

Ananth Krishnan

nikhil said...

this analyst seems to have been informed about Indias ultimate breakup by our friends to the west..It is a sad reflection on the Chinese intelligence if they continue to mull over such stupid theories. It is similar to what a certain Zaid Hamid has been talking about for quite some time.. and i dint know China had the most equal society on the planet...