Sunday, August 16, 2009

SRK detained but media asks wrong questions

A lot of hulla balloo was raised after Shahrukh khan was detained at a US airport for some security checks after his name "came up" in some security screening.
In his usual bravado he raised a huge ruckus about being detained, profiling due to religion, and so on.
This was picked up by the media and his supporters who have snowballed this issue into something more than it is. The key issue of why the security checks were placed has been totally forgotten.
Last I remember a bunch of Islamic fanatics blew up a few US buildings including the World trade centers by flying planes into them. If anything SRK should call out his fellow Muslims a large number of whom are Islamic fanatics who are threatening similar violence all over the world to repent and become humane.
The Islamic fanatics are the reason why he was detained and the security measures put up. But SRK and the liberal media will not cover that angle of the story as it "profiles" Muslims.
Give me a break.


Anonymous said...

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kuttychathan said...

The other day I saw a discussion in the Asianet News Channel about a news story that Lashkar is recruiting boys from Kerala. A retired police officer who had expertise in the investigation of such cases said that whenever during the course of investigation of such cases, muslim youth are picked for questioning, religious leaders and human rights activists would raise a hue and cry about "harassment of innocent muslims". Political leaders would invariably step in and the investigation would be stopped. He said that no such cases in Kerala were allowed to be investigated thoroughly by the political leadership.Don't you see the pattern repeated all over India?

Several years ago, when I was a student there was a hue and cry in the media about the human rights & civil liberties organisations in Kerala being hijacked by the muslim fundamentalists. They simply infiltrate the organisations and take them over. I don't know whether it is the case outside Kerala. But it is true in the case of Kerala.

Recently the leader of civil liberties union of Kerala, a muslim lawyer, moved the high court against beauty contests. I don't know what civil rights are violated when beauty contests are held, except that jehadis want to suppress women.

I do agree that singling out muslims alone for body search and questioning by the US authorities is condemnable. Can you imagine Indian Police doing such a thing in Indian airports. And remember US has always been patronisingly advising India on the protection of minorities.

I, Me, Myself ! said...

Ideally, this incident would have been dismissed soon had it not been for the fact that Shahrukh was "detained" for about 2 hours. I wonder what was it the Custom officials had to talk to him for two hours? Were there so many questions that he had to answer, or was he just trying his level best to convince them "who he is"?

Security measures are good, and necessary too. Only when they are overdone, do they become controversial and at times, for a maniac media like we have, "breaking news".

It is because Shahrukh was involved that we came to know that questioing can take upto 2 hours too. Imagine the same happening to a common guy - being questioned for 2 hours or more. I mean, does it really take that long to figure out if one is innocent or not? And maybe this kind of attitude does add up to the brewig up of hatred against the US.

However, even I agree that Shahrukh reacted in his true "filmy" sytle, saying he doesn't want to come to the US but will continue to do so for his fans, blah blah!

Also, this incident has again given Madame Sagarika Ghose to go bonkers again! On a lighter note, maybe it will be a good idea to detain her, for good :D

- Sudhir