Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why are you so defensive of China, Ananth?

Recently a Chinese think tank revealed a "secret blue print" of how China wants to "divide" India. This has raised a lot of questions about the intent of China, the veracity of the blogger's analysis, the closeness to the actual leaders. Ananth Krishnan in a true Don Quixote fashion attempts to defend the interest of red China by rubbishing the post and paints China as a nation of multitude of voices and centers of opinion.
The real question to be asked here is why and how does an anonymous post by an insignificant Chinese blogger generate such attention and consternation in India? Part of the answer lies in the media reports that appeared last week, which made the following assumptions: an influential Chinese strategist must have been behind the suggestions; he must have had the tacit backing of Beijing since all opinion in China is controlled by the government; and that the website where this post appeared sounded influential enough for India to take notice and worry.

While there's validity in his point that China has diverse viewpoints, his lack of understanding of the political dominant control over the media makes one really question if the article was censored or just left out in the open to see India's reaction. But the blind rush to defend China is what really exposes Chindu's true agenda.


CodeNameV said...

Ananth Krishnan seems to be in the "Give me Red!" mood. I wonder whats wrong with him. Arun Shourie said on lots of occassions about Chinese that they have been using war tactics effectively. How could The Hindu allow such article of low standards even get published! Morning when i read this, I felt "Gawd! What is wrouung with this myyan!"

CodeNameV said...

BTW, I hope you have seen what B.Raman had to write about this

The first line isnt surprising I guess

"Normally, I do not pay serious attention to reports and articles on China carried by "The Hindu" of Chennai. Its sympathy for China and its policy in recent years of keeping out of its columns any report or article of a negative nature on China is well known"

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

let us for a moment assume that this is an independent, democratic voice which has nothing to do with the party position. how about we hear similar voices about tibetan independence or the restive xinjian province. or may be an article on democratic movement in china. or an objective analysis of the tianamen square massacre on the occasion of its anniversary. the sichuan school tragedy and the trial, may be. these are issues right in front of the eyes and not in some distant south beyond the greatest mountains. but no, they will never will be mentioned. that is because, every media outlet -- government or otherwise-- always takes a position which is in line with the government's world view. in other words, if the article is published on the website it is because it reflects the official position in one way or the other. ananth krishnan cant pull out his loin cloth to blindfold the entire nation.

codenamev, the b.raman article is an excellent one and rightly exposes the shallowness of anath krishnan's article.