Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Doping vs. privacy - BCCI fights back

Everyone and their dog wants to see their favorite team free of any doping allegations. But to ask your favorite player to tell some organization (ICC, IOC, FIFA) where he/she's going to be an hour of every day for a predetermined period of time? That's ridiculous. Where's the individual privacy? What next they are going to put athletes in cages?
The worst part is the moron's at Chindu have taken their knives against the cricketers and BCCI.
But a bunch of hugely spoilt cricketers and a high and mighty Board of Control for Cricket in India have come together, in an ill-informed and irrational way, to challenge a crucial provision in the World Anti-Doping Code.

Personally I'm not a huge fan of the BCCI and most cricketers. But in this case they have a point.
Most people know that doping is a serious offense, but to sacrifice individual privacy so that some "plan" of IOC can succeed is a frickin joke. There is no way that this plan is totally foolproof.
Chindu's rationale that other's have signed up hence its a great idea is akin to justifying Nazism, because your neighbors signed up. I hope the BCCI tells IOC to shove its rules up its own behind.

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sands said...

I always have admired this blog and will continue to like this case i think hindu is right unless of course you guyz are frogs in well and think there is only one sport and one team, and its stupid offshots like IPL which bring shady people like preity,shilpa ,vijay mallya and srk into cricket fields ,in the whole wide world I think BCCI is behaving like a bully and must be exposed if Hindu takes this stand it must be supported
P.S i will continue to support this blog in these dark times of "Congress family rule" but not on this issue