Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Farcical trial and justice in China

Ananth Krishnan is showing courage by filing such reports on chindu. Lets see how long it lasts. China rarely tolerates dissent, especially in its mouthpiece.
The Hindu : International : Trial of quake critic begins in Sichuan
Over the last year, the local government in Sichuan silenced many of its more vocal critics. Many activists and parents of victims campaigning for a public investigation into the deaths of their children have been detained. In July 2008, Huang Qi, an activist who ran a website assisting parents in their investigations, was arrested for “illegally possessing state secrets.” Mr. Huang’s trial began on August 5, and was adjourned without a verdict.

Mr. Tan, who has also assisted parents in investigating the deaths of their children, faces a possible five-year sentence on the charge of subversion.


kuttychathan said...

HF... I think there are two reasons for the chindu to publish the report.
1. The chindu cries itself hoarse from its rooftop that it is an independent newspaper. So occassionally it publishes some reports/articles that are mildly critical of china and islam, two 'raisons d'etre' for the chindu.
2.Ananth Krishnan belongs to the Kasturi family. So he can't be fired for his pranks. Ram has sent him to china to teach him about the true worth of communism. His next assignment will be in Tehran to learn about the glories of jehad.Unfortunately the baby appears to be a poor learner.

Dirt Digger said...

"Unfortunately the baby appears to be a poor learner."
You crack me up!! Good stuff.