Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Muslims, development and crime

A shallow, fear-mongering article, by no less a person than Amar Singh and chindu couldn't have been happier to propagate one of its favourite myths.
The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Seeking a fair deal for Muslims
Instead of punishing the culprits, the police and the administration invariably prosecuted the innocent Muslim victims.
According to the Director of the Centre for Policy Research, Professor Pratap Bhanu Mehta, the report not only reflects the poor human index of Indian Muslims but indicates the vacuum of Indian governance.
Muslims having poor human development index is a universal phenomena.
Status of Muslim Societies Around the World
by Dr.M.I.H. Farooqi has some interesting facts about Muslim societies.
... Muslims with the result that today they occupy the lowest position in the ladder of the world. They are educationally backward, scientifically marginal, politically insignificant and economically poor. This is the present status of the entire Ummah amongst the comity of nations.
Instead of blaming the government or pushing the blame on Hindus, it is pertinent to ask why Islam and backwardness are so closely interlinked.
The report mentions that representation for the Muslim community to the same order as the percentage of Muslims in the population of the country is found only in one place: in jails.
This is probably an indication that muslims are getting away with crime in India. Look at statistics from around the world.
UPI reported that there are too many Muslims in a high-security prison in the UK, almost 33% of the prison population; ten times their 3% representation among the general population.
... throughout the UK Muslims account for about 4 times as many inmates as their representation (3%) in the non-prison population
In France, almost 70% of the prisons are filled with Muslims although only 12% of the population is Muslim. In the Netherlands and Belgium Muslims also fill their prisons with disproportionate numbers.
The US is not immune as well: there are tens of thousands of Muslims behind bars, in greater proportion to their representation among the general population.
Muslims generally are over-represented in prisons. It is indeed a cause of concern that that is not the case in India.


kuttychathan said...

Your comments were revealing. The reasons for the high crime rate among Muslims have to be scientifically and dispassionately investigated.

Another point I have noted is the high incidence of diseases among Muslims. Whenever I visit a hospital, I am struck by the disproportionately large number of Muslims undergoing treatment there. The Muslim patients I normally see are by no means poor. So it can't be due to poverty or social-backwardness. I used to think that the high incidence of diseases among Muslims is due to their food habits.

But now I learn that crime rate among Muslims is also high. What could be the reason?

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

prisons are also supposed to be good recruiting grounds for islamic converts. so, it cuts both ways. muslims are more prone to crime and criminals are more likely to get attracted to islam.
it definitely demands a dispassionate analysis but political correctness will stonewall any attempts.

Aryan Culler said...

The problem with the Muslims is not that they are inherently violent or blood-thirsty. The problem is that they are a law unto themselves. They would rather follow their own laws than the laws of the land they live in.
A parallel analogy would probably show that in Islamic countries, the percentages of other religions would probably be disproportionate again. Your arguments are fallacious as the facts presented represent countries which follow laws derived from Christian principles including India's which is basically one big case of plagiarism.
By the way if Muslims are under-represented in India where we claim to be righteous - Then which community is the unlawful one ???? LOL

B Shantanu said...

Good post HF...
You (and some of your readers) may find this post interesting:
Literacy Rates and first claimes

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

thanks, shantanu. thats an interesting link on state-wise muslim literacy.
makes me think, the disconnect between reality and policy needs a redressal mechanism. we cant leave it to the politicians.

bernieg1 said...

Thank you linking to my article, it's greatly appreciated.